why are serious anarcho-communists

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why are serious anarcho-communists
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almost always so unpleasent to me?

it is as if the ideology attracts people with overly excitable personality issues.


feel free to delete / merge... edit fuck it i'm just gonna pretend to be an anarchist hahahaha ;-)


as one who has felt the full force of the unpleasantness from the anarcho syndicalist communists in particular, and above all on libcom, I sympathise and solidarise. But can you give us some actual examples?

people with overly excitable personality issues

As AS said on the "destruction of consciousness" thread, and talking about Marxism and what it is: 

This is not 'just another point of view' to be picked out from the food counter like a hot or cold sausage. It is the way things really are damn it - in root opposition to the thousand descriptions of the way things are not.
  People with "overly excitable personality issues" as Lem puts it,   and who have constantly to defend their mistakenly understood notions of "individuality" and "personality" as precious hard won commodities, brittle and easily battered, hate Marxism and Marxists for the following reasons. Marxism, in describing "the way things really are" as AS puts it, and in allowing its adherents,   as a materialist  methodology,  the capability to think clearly, to develop class consciousness in place of ideological thought chaos, and thus to escape the confusions and contradictions of bourgeois thinking; contributes by doing this to free people  from the constraining bourgeois notions of personality and individualism such as imprison those unlucky enough to be trapped in particular brands of anarchism and bourgeois political democracy overall.   People trapped in the bourgeois philosophical cesspool struggle in vain  amid  the thousands of descriptions  "of the way things are not" as AS puts it.  They settle  eventually and out of desperation, for something selected from the food counter.  A hot or cold sausage!  Unhappily they were not looking for sausages, but for something that would serve satisfactorily to explain life.  They were seeking a point of view with a firm, justifiable and rational theoretical base such as Marxism provides.   People who resist the political answer provided by Marxism, because they want to remain "themselves" and not succumb to what they see as the homogenizing effect of a theory held in common - as if accepting the validity of any science was tantamount to losing the ability to think freely - thus grow to hate marxism. Because  while they refuse to accept it, like the sun it's always there and finally there's no escape other than a blind and angry rejection, often in a state of fury. This arises from a kind of self-hate directed wildly  at others for not suffering the same petty bourgeois agony they undergo  themselves,  and stemming from the bourgeois cult of individuality, celebrity, the longing "to be different" and, of course, the essential passion for success which is the life blood of capitalism.  Richard Attenborough was a great success   and is lauded now on his death, as was Robin Williams last week, by Presidents and Prime Ministers who see in the particular form of individuality represented in the lives of these men the aim and purpose of an individual life under capitalism fully achieved.  Fame, riches and success.  How different and better life under communism will be!    
alf well lots of things, i

alf well lots of things, i just think that a lot of on-line anarchists are bullies. i e.g. just got banned from the "left communist" facebook page [with others], for asking if they hate cops - i was being [loosely] theatened by some of the anarchists there "be careful who you are talking to, pal".


suffice to say they are still there.

i find it a little depressing

i find it a little depressing that anarchists seem to be monopolizing / controlling communist discussion on the web. not just because doing so freezes out those that think anarchism is wrongheaded, but also because its proponents are often just pigs


edit the internet should be an opportunity for groups like the icc to influence movements; instead what i would call "anarchists" are routinely siezing control of discussion platforms and polluting them with egoism. IMHO,


i don't know the answer, perhaps the best hope is that a state isn't needed anymore - and enough people will turn to anarchism to wash out the psychopaths

lem_ that left communist

lem_ that left communist Facebook group is pretty messed up with people from a number of left communist groups and myself being banned for little to no reason, other than questioning some of the nonsense the admins have come out with, the present admin isn't a left communist either. Also there are some rather shady people in that group including at least one Serbian strasserist. 

I don't know who the anarchists you are talking about, but I did notice some Stalinists and Maoists in the group.

thanks !perhaps i should say

thanks !

perhaps i should say egoists rather then "anarchists", though i THINK most anarch-commies are also egosists - i'm not sure.


i don't think we [the proleiatriat i mean] are doomed to ruin, but the more this happens the more i feel i don't have a role to play in that.



edit if i may add - i think part of it is that in anarchist circles you get acclaim for showing "edge", because there's no party to join per se, it's all about proving your genuine by being a complete "cock" about  it.