Welcome to the new ICC sections in Peru and Ecuador

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Welcome to the new ICC sections in Peru and Ecuador
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Welcome to the new ICC sections in Peru and Ecuador. The discussion was initiated by KT.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

South America

Seriously good news. Fraternal greetings to the comrades, old and new.

mikail firtinaci
very good news

very good news. congragulations for all the comrades in the ICC

Seriously cheering news. Well

Seriously cheering news. Well done ICC. So what about Birov?

Cheers comrades from the

Cheers comrades from the southern US !

Finally the class struggle gives us something to celebrate ! Workers unite and win !

Birov etc

In answer to Fred: with Birov (and comrades in Croatia) we are only just beginning the discussion. We have been in discussion with the comrades in Peru and Ecuador for several years and as the article says, joining the ICC is not the only possible outcome. There are other elements in Peru in particular that we continue to discuss and work with.

One minute apparently the ICC

One minute apparently the ICC is in danger of disappearing the next there are two new sections?

Few or small does not mean disappearing

From the Philippines welcome new two sections of ICC in South America!

Radicalchains, being small or few does not mean the ICC is disappearing...

Though we are expanding and continue to expand in diffirent countries, our numbers are still not enough to the big tasks required in the current situation. That's why we should help/contribute whatever we can for the advancement of communist struggle...

ICC is not the only organization gaining some members within the proletarian camp. This is just an optimistic assumption for the other communist-left organization.

As the attacks of capitalism intensifies and leftism/unionism exposed, more and more searching elements will seek answers of their questions to the internationalist milieu.

All the best

All the best to ICC from comrades from Croatia! It's good to see that groups of communist left are forming all around the world..

You're English is fine,

You're English is fine, comrade!

Levkom, your English is fine

Levkom, your English is fine - and your cockney's not bad either.

I agree with your sentiments. This is a small but welcome development, particularly in areas where it is much more difficult to be communist militants and to organise as such.

It's something of a result to maintain a left communist perspective in any organised form. It's been a battle and it will always be a battle up to and beyond any possible revolution. This is a positive development for the whole movement as small as it is. If the masses are not flocking to communist left positions today we can't make them. But we can at least contribute to the maintenance, stability and potential strength of these organisations in order to provide a focus for the coming movements of the wider class struggle.