Danger of worsening chaos in Syria and beyond

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Danger of worsening chaos in Syria and beyond
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Danger of worsening chaos in Syria and beyond. The discussion was initiated by KT.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Role of Iran

Attention, rightly, is on the current social revolts - Israel being the latest. However, the repression in Syria continues. I was interested to read Iran's alleged role in this in the article linkled below (mainly about Iran's influence in Iraq, also interersting). Obviously one must question the motives behind such an article: who caused this information to be placed? Whose appetites does it serve? etc etc. Anyway, for information...




Good point here KT;

Good point here KT; definitely growing Iranian influence over Syria and this is playing a major role now. More to follow...