Homage to our comrade Bernadette

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Homage to our comrade Bernadette
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Homage to our comrade Bernadette. The discussion was initiated by KT.
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Goodbye .. and thank you

Farewell Bernadette: fighter, friend and comrade, from J, S and family.

Honour the memory of comrade Bernadette!

Honour the memory of comrade Bernadette!

It is with the greatest sorrow that the heart of an Internationalist, comrade Bernadette, stopped and International Communist Current has lost one of its members. Silence of an Internationalist that fought against the barbarity of capitalism, is not only a loss for the International Communist Current, but also for the working class, the left communist and all internationalists.


Comrade Bernadette: definitely you would agreed with us that persisting to the proletarian principles that you believed and struggling with the barbarity of the capitalist society that you fought, could be the best tribute´s memory of your dearest remembrance.


We would like to express our solidarity to all Bernadette’s comrades, family and friends and our determination to carry on with the revolutionary work she believed in so passionately.


Internationalist Voice

28 November 2015



Homepage: www.internationalist.tk

E-mail: [email protected]


we miss you

Flora,continued to touch many others and as we look through the memories of her life,we see Bernadette contributed to the life of ICC at many levels,Bernadette was one of the comrades of old generation who was most open to political heritage of comrade MC ,our living link to the communist fractions of  the past .so Flora was a role model and an inspiration to so many.we miss you- but we remember you fondly- always!

My condolences to the

My condolences to the comrade's family and all the comrades who knew her and even those who didn't know her personally, but who benefited from her commitment to keep the flame burning nonetheless.

A fitting tribute from the

A fitting tribute from the ICC to a great girl and a great machine-gun. Sometimes she frightened me and I was glad I was on the same side as her. She was a solid comrade, very serious and with a generous sense of fun.  Condolences from me and my family.

I have vivid memories of

I have vivid memories of Bernadette even though I didn't know her well and had not seen her for many years; she was indeed a 'force of nature' and also a very warm, passionate human being. A very sad loss.

Bernadette  sounds like she

Bernadette  sounds like she was the exact opposite and the antidote to Dr. Bourrinet who must have adored her.




thanks comrades for all your messages of solidarity and sympathy. I will make sure they are passed on within the ICC and to Bernadette's  family. 

Memory of comrade Bernadette!

Fighting with the barbarity of the capitalist society, could be the best tribute´s memory of comrade Bernadette!

I only met comrade

I only met comrade Bernardette once, when her health was very compromised, and I was amazed to see how clear-minded she was, and what a warm personality she had towards the comrades. My condolences to her loved ones.