Solidarity with Striking Verizon workers!

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Solidarity with Striking Verizon workers!
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Solidarity with Striking Verizon workers!. The discussion was initiated by kinglear.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Verizon strike

It is suggested that this strike, "is a beacon of hope for the whole working class" and I welcome it as such. And the article itself contains seeds of hope, in so far as it addresses workers directly (more or less) and offers direct advice about how to further the struggle. "Workers need to discuss ways how they can use the picket line creatively and make it effective—to encourage solidarity push Verizon back from its draconian cuts. Union workers should try and convince non-union workers of the necessity of the strike. They should stop them and talk with them explaining the reasons for the strike, spreading the idea that it is only through the widest possible unity among workers that the attacks by the bosses can be resisted. Flying pickets could be created to go and talk with the workers in the Verizon wireless stores (who already work with very poor benefits and almost no pension) during their lunch breaks, to discuss what their grievances are, what we can do to integrate them in the struggle, and to point out that the present strike is also for the protection of their own interests, which could inspire more working people to stand up for themselves across the country and across the world. In this way, even if the bosses win this particular strike (which they are likely to if workers follow the union’s lead and give them complete control) the workers would have gained experience and self-confidence, necessary ingredients to wage the future struggles which the capitalist crisis will inevitably force us to wage."

Telling union workers to stop non-union workers and talk to them, and explain what's going on, may seem an obvious thing to do, but it needs to be done. At the moment we are a splintered class, we have lost our bearings. We need someone to point out that yes, we can talk to each other, we can discuss what to do next, we don't have to remain in the timid and scary isolation which the bourgeoisie would like us to maintain. We have no reason to fear the ruling class. We hold all the power! They totally depend on us! So we can send flying pickets at lunch time to discuss the grievances of other workers who may be out on a limb, and we can start to create the communal friendliness, and understandings (we're all in this same shit together) which leads to the comfort of solidarity.

This encouraging article also points out: "Workers, students and the unemployed, across the US and the whole world are looking for ways to give voice to their grievances" and this hits the nail on the head. Yes, we workers are struggling to find our voice. And this is why we have to break the bourgeoisie's imposition of silence and separation, and start talking to each other, and planning our fight back.

class war

Did anyone see this on Sky News - Boulton and Co. Yesterday? Some republican who says he will be the next black president of the US in 1912, was interviewed. Asked about racism he thought there remained a problem, but not so large. More significant he said, was the chance of CLASS WAR. This was not followed up. Maybe that's not surprising. It's the first time Ive ever heard the expression "class war" used on tv. May be this guy - don't know his name - should give up on running for president and join Internationalism! On the other hand, as President he'll be able to help "workers, students and the unemployed, across the US...give voice to their grievances". Just joking.

his name is herman cain.

his name is herman cain. complete capitalist, of course. here's his economic plan, in 500 simple bullet points: http://wwwDOThermancainDOTcom/999plan

"the next black president of the US in 1912"

that would have been an accomplishment!