Zero hours: insecurity faces the whole working class

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Zero hours: insecurity faces the whole working class
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Zero hours: insecurity faces the whole working class. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

But according to the experts

But according to the experts what is really needed to end this problem of precarious work is getting workers trained and educated for the jobs of the future. This trope was attacked by a caller to a recent NPR radio show who denounced the constant fetishization of education and training by the commentariat as a "trite bromide."

Supposedly, a forthcoming article in the Economist will admit that this situation is not a temporary effect of the recession but a new state of affairs that will only get worse. We will be entering a new period in which even those with advanced education and training will lead a precarious existence while wealth concentrates in a few hands. Such an analysis would seem to contradict the sanguine prognostications of many a professional Marxist economist (David Harvey) who argue that such structural imbalances in wealth concentration will be solved by new Keyensian redistributive mechanisms ostensibly when parts of the bourgeoisie wake up and recognize that if the working class doesn't get more purchasing power the economy can't grow at optimal efficiency. Its not a moral issue we are told, but one of economic efficiency.

Educated and trained (what's

Educated and trained (what's the difference?) for what jobs in what future jk? Does anybody still think there's going to be any future?  If global warming doesn't get us  ( what  have we got left in time to try and "solve" that problem - 20 years?)  then there's  also the equally slow death of austerity with its precarious work (the word "precarious" gets up my nose, it makes something insufferable sound almost respectable and bearable which it certainly isn't)  and of course the infamous zero hours so well explained by Melmoth in the article.  Zero hours more or less equals zero pay.  So as this is the case why don't we take zero hours literally and work precisely that? Would we really miss the trivial pittance the bourgeoisie is reduced to handing out as a "wage", given the collapse of their  triumphant economic system, which "wage" even they appear to grasp is an insult and purest rubbish, and try to disguise behind self-pitying sniveling and idiotic excuses which nobody can possibly believe in anymore.

So, expensively trained graduates will have to compete for the most trivial and mindless jobs in the future. Why bother to get expensively trained? But isn't this happening already? Are we not reaching the point where the whole idea of wanting a job, and assuming on leaving school that you have to get a job, doesn't hold water anymore?  Because there aren't any jobs available that actually make having one worth the bother in terms of financial rewards. There never were, but we weren't supposed to notice it, and, if we did cotton on to what a fraud it all was and a con trick, we were expected to keep quiet.  Don't ask questions? Don't be such a misery: shut up  and just get on with it.  But who wants to work at some amazingly tedious job, for long and amazingly boring hours, just to get paid enough to scrape by on while living a minimally satisfying existence, which is what is  happening today? Nobody in their right mind! 


But what choices do we have?  As long as we are prepared to let the bourgeoisie get away with the ongoing maintenance at our cost, of their life crippling ecologically catastrophic economic system, they can do just about what they like.  After all we're just workers and just profit producing cannon fodder.  They no more give a toss about workers than they do about combatants in the various gangster wars they've got going on round the world. But there's still a lot more of us in numbers than there is of them, so why do we put up with it?  Workers unite and fight!