A bee in the bourgeoisie's bonnet

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A bee in the bourgeoisie's bonnet
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: A bee in the bourgeoisie's bonnet. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
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I actually saw an auto

I actually saw an auto license plate today celebrating fox hunting!

The problem may be global, but it is true that the UK has proven a unique laboratory for man-made bio disaster: mad-cow disease, hoove and mouth disease and now the bees? I understand cancer and multiple sclerosis rates are pretty high in Scotland also.

the magic of bees

Some scientist on the tv was talking about the medicinal uses that a variety of  "juices" -my word not his - that bees, and their queens, produce through their ceaseless activity, could be put to. These included fields such as: oncology, multiple sclerosis, and at last at last rheumatology.  Unfortunately I missed much of the program, and am  not much of a reader, so can't provide any more in the way of information.  But wouldn't it be marvelous if cures, or at least alleviation of the agony of some of humanity's miserable diseases, were actually available at our finger tips, within nature herself? 


And I wondered whether jk, who I'm sure knows all about this - I'm not being funny - would share with us? I hope so. 


I hadn't heard about the

I hadn't heard about the healing qualities of bee juice, but I understand platypus venom is being studied in an attempt to understand the basis of chronic pain. Let's hope the Aussie bourgeoisie doesn't kill off all the plattys before this comes to fruition.