Food adulteration – it’s not just horsemeat

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Food adulteration – it’s not just horsemeat
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Food adulteration – it’s not just horsemeat. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
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Should we really be eating

Should we really be eating meat to begin with? Of course, captialism poisons the hell out of vegetables too. How long before there is a scandal about tainted tofu?

In response to jk1921, there

In response to jk1921, there was a very interesting article here about the impact of Western veganism on the population of the third world, which somewhat reminded me of our previous discussion about ethical consumption. It was all so depressing I had to have a bacon sandwich to cheer myself up.

You might have to have

You might have to have another one Demo to cheer yourself up after reports that processed meats cause cancer. And that we should stop eating them now and never again! 

Yeah, I saw that and decided

Yeah, I saw that and decided to have a ham sandwich instead ... and then realised that was processed meat too

Poor Piggie

Demogorgon wrote:

Yeah, I saw that and decided to have a ham sandwich instead ... and then realised that was processed meat too


Pobresito chanchito.


Watching the slightly alarmist docu-film Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

I think I might start cutting out all the crap I eat and looking at the labels more closely.

However, there does seem to be a thorough debubking of the book here:

Lastly, the author's Wiki page is worth a look because it reinforces my 'alarmist' suspicion that this is some kind of petty-bourgeois ideology similar to conspiracy theory:

There's so much left out of

There's so much left out of this article I don't know where to begin. Capitalism misses the mark with agriculture completely but to be honest "workers" revolutions in the past haven't done a much better job, especially with food management and distribution.

Sadly the politicians are somewhat correct in what they're saying about horse meat not being bad. If it wasn't illegal to eat horse here I'd probably pick up some at the Farmer's Market this weekend. Horse meat is a super food. Similar to Yak and Bison with but more lean with higher protein. Same for venison and even beaver. All healthier options than GMO beef.

Yes, I am aware that I just

Yes, I am aware that I just wrote eating beaver is healthy. Didn't realize until now the statement holds true in more ways than one!

more beaver

Naughty Jamal.    "I saw young Harry with his beaver on." (Henry 1V part one), so you can wear them too!    In France you can buy horse meat and it tastes alright till you think too much about it. Just like goat tastes better than lamb till they tell you what it is, and venison requires young teeth.  But jugged  hare is best!  There's a lot of snobbery connected with food, but if you're hungry you'll eat anything as my mother used to say 1940-52 when proper nourishing food that was tasty too was rarely available unless you had money for the black market.   So stop whining you rich American brat and be thankful for what you've got. 

So when's jk coming back?

radical chains wouldn't like jugged hare because it's very gamely especially if its been hung for any length of time. Hmmm. Scrumptious! 

I've seen wild deer while

I've seen wild deer while walking my dog and it did look tasty, very beautiful animals. One time my lurcher actually chased after a couple like a nutcase. Nearly ran over a pheasant today but luckily it scurried away. On the way back I watched a bird of prey (most likely a buzzard) flying low in the field ajacent to the road until someone drove up behind me. Even in the countryside there's no peace. It's almost enough to go vegetarian/vegan once you start appreciating animals in the wild like this. Not sure about Hare but had rabbit a few times and most other game. I would say especially with rabbit you must eat it fresh so the flavour is light and not over powering. I hate that strong gamey taste. Supermarkets for game, forget about it. 

I've never killed anything

I've never killed anything close to the size of a dear but I assume it would be a different experience in a hunt. The idea of eating game intrigues me, I actually prefer the taste to supermarket meat of mostly any kind. It sat in my stomach differently, too. I hear bear is really good but I think bears are pretty fucking cool animal so couldn't kill/eat one. I actually had Gator for the first time with comrade Jan in Philadelphia of all places. I also have no issues with birds and fishes, I mean c'mon their pretty savage little "buggers" right? Cows and horses are different, I agree. But if I could hunt I'd probably just eat dear, duck and rabbit anyway. Those fuckers are everywhere!

Just to be clear the farmers market is not a super market. Its a group of local farmers who sell meat from the farm to you directly. They are my local source for game meat since I don't know how to hunt. I think this bit is important because you really want to avoid the grain-fed animals in the super markets. Grass fed is really the only way to go. When I'm not in a crunch I try to spend that extra buck or two per pound. It's worth it to avoid all the steroids, toxins, fungi, etc. in the mass produced "Grade A" meat here.

I've got a lot of experience with veggies too! Looks like our last frost here will be tomorrow night so I will be planting lots soon. Trying to grow watermelons vertically this year too. Wish me luck!


exotic foods?

In S.East Asia many people rely on exotic foods - not because they're "exotic" but as the only sustenance they can get which is free.  Thus people will eat puffer fish if they catch it, though various bits of it contain deadly toxins which can kill.  If you know what you are doing you are safe.  Whole families have died from it in the Phillipines and Indonesia, and recently an Australian mother and daughter also succumbed.  Supplies of fish caught locally just off the beach by local people in S.East Asia, are a vital,  essential and "free" addition to a diet of rice for people who have little or no money and no regular income!  Yes! Such people do exist and in their millions!  Only the warm climate makes living without money feasible as a way of life.  

In Indonesia people eat dogs and in Thailand cats.  If you eat dog, other dogs that catch the scent will come and growl at your feet in an apparent mixture  of fear and anger.  People also eat insects.  The large type of grass hopper is very popular in Thailand, but people die fairly regularly from its consumption, not realising that sometimes the insects have been sprayed to death with toxins.  But if you are poor...well you have to eat something don't you?  

Shark and tiger, now both extremely endangered specially tiger, provide power to the male libido and theoretically to the penis too. But is seems monstrous that these magnificent animals should pay the price an for ill-conceived masculine pride,  and aren't tablets available anyhow now?  At least the tablets work!  

And finally for now,  inThailand   you can eat cobra, though officially cobra is a protected species that does invaluable work in the rice fields keeping rodents in check. But something as strikingly impressive as the cobra, and as scary, was bound to be number one on some idiot's  list of required foods.  


Take the US army for instance. 

US soldier wrote:
 "We were sitting so close to it when they brought it out I was a little bit nervous," he said. "But, I had the chance to try the cobra blood straight from the snake's body. It was awesome. It wasn't the greatest tasting but it's a story I'll tell to people the rest of my life."

 Army officials said in addition to learning valuable training skills, the soldier also strengthened ties with their Thai counterparts. Held annually in Thailand, this year's Cobra Gold exercise includes military personnel from Thailand, the U.S., Singapore, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

  Perhaps consuming cobra contributes to machiavellianism as well as penis size? 
Price of silver at all time high!

Good luck with your melons Jamal - this could all get a bit Carry On if we're not careful. Talking of fish, that would be quite difficult to give up. My dad's always been a keen angler and I used to dabble a bit when I was younger. Occasionally, I get to taste a fresh trout or salmon and there really is nothing like it. Catching them is a bit of a racket though. Luckily for him he's a member of a public club that charges a much reduced price for local residents, something very rare when it comes to his kind of fishing. He also tells me that relatively inexpensive costs stem from Men's Working Clubs, which originally offered reduced prices, a club constitution, including rules etc This in stark contrast to the kind of private stretches of water which cost upwards of £100 a day to fish on. It's all private land in the end but some public clubs manage to own certain fishing rights (which can be bought and sold) which mean the prices are drastically reduced. It's a compicated business, there's no catch alll rule when it comes to this kind of fishing. At least in Britain. For instance there are some places he would love to fish but many places don't even offer any fishing rights. We are talking about rights and land that have passed down through generations of families. The fish aren't in plentiful supply either. For all manner of reasons the numbers have been falling for years. My dad rails against all the environmental and scientific reasoning with the simple but no doubt true explanation, that commercial fishing nets are taking out more and more fish from the rivers. Of course the recreational fisherman like my dad can take home what he catches at certain times and if it's a certain size but he is not permitted to sell it. The fishing season is short and most fisherman go a long time in between catching fish. Although no doubt the odd person does sell fish illegally due to the increasing value of fresh salmon. After all they do call them bars of silver! Private property eh.

Wow that's really interesting

Wow that's really interesting RC. I struggle getting enough healthy protein on the plate when feeding myself on my budget. Often times protein shakes are my most cost effective options. So needless to say exploring these different routes seems useful to me, sort of an expansion of the vegetable gardening I've learned over the years--- in a way.

To bring the discussion back into a more political realm, decentralized food production seems like it would be the only way to go in a communist society. I can imagine living places arranged in a way where peoples backyards form a massive communal garden. But then again isn't that basically a Kibbutz? I know way more about "soviet" and cuban agriculture, and as far as I can tell Kibbutz' aren't very sustainable.

Fred those are all valid

Fred those are all valid points!

Yankee soldiers will eat anything for "VIGOR"...penises seem to be a favorite...and don't forget the balls. Not sure how that would help you deal with say, an improvised explosive device but best wishes! I remember a story a friend related to me about American soldiers in Egypt...they convinced them bull's testes had all these magical properties...the soldiers eat them raw...then can't figure out why everyone around them is dying with laughter!