Why the terror in Peru?: The Shining Path and the struggle of the working class

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Why the terror in Peru?: The Shining Path and the struggle of the working class
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Why the terror in Peru?: The Shining Path and the struggle of the working class. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
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A good article. One question,

A good article. One question, however: who, or what, is Humala a "puppet" for?

Shining Path & Golden Dawn

Various States are starting to make use of terrorism as an excuse - a Trojan Horse as this article has it - to make attacks on anything they fancy. Syria is currently in the number one prize-winning position for this, having just slaughtered 108 innocents in one day ( as a third of them were under ten! they must surely have been pretty innocent) using the army's tanks to do it. Some other state bourgeoisie will probably break this record shortly. Of course, it was the work of "terrorists " in Syria, and certainly not the state - what an outrageous suggestion!- who presumably were unaware their tanks had been "borrowed" to do the job. But increasingly it becomes difficult to distinguish between terrorism as a hobby for small groups looking for something to do to while away the time whilst waiting for their faction to attain power, and terrorism as a full-time activity for governments and states and the bourgeoisie at large, as a means to securing greater exploitation of a decreasing working class.

Shining Path - wonderful choice of name, so creative!- are no different here, and just appear a collection of murderous thugs and blood-suckers on the working class .... with maybe a touch of unofficial state support?

The stinking decomposition of the bourgeoisie hides beneath such wondrous titles. Golden Dawn and Shining Path! What next?


Terrorism is to terrorize the poor people

The maoist Shining Path of Peru is no different from other maoist armed bands like the New People's Army (NPA) in the Philippines or the maoists in India or elsewhere in the "3rd world" countries. They use terrorism for a "noble cause": "against" oppression.

This sugar-coated terrorism has still strong appeal especially to the poverty-stricken peasants and inidegenous peoples in the countryside who experience the worst brutallity from the terrorism of the state and capitalist landlords.

Terrorism of the gurerillas is justified for them and their loyal supporters. However, the latter is also psychologically terrorized by their "saviors" for they know that a mistake could be considered betrayal to the "cause", hence the punishment of death. This is aside the collateral damage of killing innocent people and destroying their properties for the "greater cause of people's war".

Terrorism of both the rebels and the state is to terrorize the whole population, making them helpless without the support of either the warring armed parties.

This is syntesize with the popular dictume of Mao Zedong, "without the people's army the people have nothing", a 180 degress opposite from the marxist dictume, "the emancipation of the working class must be the work of the workers themselves".

This is very well said

This is very well said internasionalista. "Suger-coated terrorism", always for a "noble" cause and always, apparently, against "oppression." Oh how the peasants, the poverty-stricken fall for this, as they suffer at the hands of brutal landlords and a greedy state. So it's not surprising if, in trying to distinguish between opposing sides of the bourgeoisie, the peasants go for the serpent with the more appealing, more persuasive, togue. But just as happened in Eden, this is a mistake. Throw in your lot with the smooth talikng terrorists, and you put yourself at risk. Should the day dawn when you realize your mistake, retribution will be savage and final. Terrorism in the guise of helping the poor, can bear no exposure for what it is: yet another murderous clique of bourgeois exploiters.

As you say, internasionalista, no bourgeois army, not even a "peoples' army, is going to help the exploited. We must understand this clearly. Our only help must come from within ourselves, and our unbreakable solidarity.

I may be wrong, but what I

I may be wrong, but what I understood by "puppet" in this context, was that Humala was a puppet for the regime, ie, the front man being manipulated by the state forces behind him. In any case, a solid confirmation and further clarification of the situation from Rosa above.