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Forum topic: The making of the UK state,Part 2: Ireland
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: The making of the UK state,Part 2: Ireland . The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
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An admirable effort

A really admirable effort here. One question though: the article seems to jump around a bit between using "English" imperialism and "British" imperialism. Is there a point where "English" imperialism was definitively surpassed by "British" imperialism, or is there still something we can identify as "English" imperialism within the UK?

Perhaps a next step could be an examination of the role of the empire in the formation of the state?

On that note, it is the 30 year anniversary of the Falklands War--British imperialism's last major independent success. I heard recently that there is a British Destroyer on patrol in the South Atlantic and Argentina's President, Christina Fernandez, has accused Britian of militarizing the region and called Britain's claim to soverignity over the islands absurd. What is behind these events? Is it just domestic political posturing or is there a real threat of a revival of this conflict?

Yes, the Falklands was indeed

Yes, the Falklands was indeed a "war against the workers"--specifically against their consciousness (this comes out pretty well in the recent movie Iron Lady even with all of its distortions). The depressing thing, of course, is that it seemed to work.

One question: could British imperialism pull off another operation like that today? Of course, it wasn't supposed to be able to do it in 1982, but succeeded nevertheless. However, have the recent cuts to the military budget negatively impacted the UK's ability to defend its interests in such away today? Or are these mere surface adjustments designed to produce a more modern and streamlined force?

Does the UK even have a battle ready aircraft carrier today? I understand that the new "Queen Elizabeth class" carrier is under production, but could the UK even respond to a threat such as the Falklands today if it had to?

Sorry, if this is a little off topic.