Workers take control of the Kilkis hospital in Greece

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Workers take control of the Kilkis hospital in Greece
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Workers take control of the Kilkis hospital in Greece. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

This is Important

This is very important. But I wonder why the ICC would put this up w/o an accompanying analysis/critique that puts this into persepective? The ability of these workers to recognize that their struggle is part of a broader social movement against forces working at the level at the global economy itself is very impressive, i.e. their desire to refrain from putting forward "particular demands" in the context of their own situation--because they feel this would only perpetuate the problem at a deeper level. But, as in the Occupy Movement, it seems like there is a step missing here. How will the movement spread, grow and deepen its understanding of what it is up againt and develop its consciousness of what it must do, if it does not "engage the enemy"? Its as if the movements we are seeing over the past couple of years seem to be jumping ahead of themselves at the level of formulating concrete demands on the class terrain, instead putting forward a kind of instinctual unity before they have strengthened and developed their consciousness of the real situation. Its not as if this movement is without profound weaknesses on this level, as evidenced by their statement: tremedous illusions in democracy, identifying the enemey as "neoliberalism" rather than captialism itself, illusions in "asking the local government for help", etc. Surely, these things are worthy of commentary and critique?

Good point

jk makes a good point here. We should have said that the article needs to be read in conjunction with our current lead on 'mass poverty in Greece', which does make some critical comments about the statement. 

Sorry, how could I have

Sorry, how could I have missed that article?! Its only been at the top of the page for over a week! 

Alf is right; the main article on Greece does contain a good critique of the statement. I guess this is one of the issues about publishing mainly on the web; its hard to reprodue the spatial layout of a newspaper that would direct the reader to related articles. Oh well, too many good articles on the ICC site these days; its hard to read them all!