The masters change, exploitation and poverty remain

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The masters change, exploitation and poverty remain
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: The masters change, exploitation and poverty remain. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
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France and the UK

France and the UK conducting a joint intervention in North Africa? Is it 1956? Seriously, this was a good article.

Agree jk....and what is more

Just as it was a brave whistle-blowing workers at Matrix Churchill who ( correct me if I'm fantasising ) said ( First 'Gulf War ' itself a euphemism for )

'...hold on aren't these shell casings we are manufacturing to send to Iraq ? ' Gagging orders from Heseltine and concomitant disinformation ensuing  : not to mention the photos by Britsh squaddies of captured arms caches of Saddam marked 'Made in Bristol' : right up to the bourgeois whitewash 'Scott Report : reprimanding 'the government'' which was published .....yes you guessed it on Christmas Eve .


I am sure there are workers in uniform who could easily attest en francais or anglais the preparation for instituting a puppet state ( if you're a Machiavellian ) or at least the hypocrisy (if you are not ) of training Gaddafi's army in Ferbruary , then bombing it in June .



Machiavellian doesn't even

Machiavellian doesn't even begin to describe it: the lies, hypocrisy, the "humanitarian" bombing with million dollars-a-hit missiles and, like Iraq and Afghanistan, no civilian body count - a "real popular revolt" (as the article says) which very quickly turned into a war of imperialism. This is more than oil as the article says and imperialist tensions will pile up, exacerbating further tensions beyond.

Just one point though - al-Qaida: that there was such an organised entity and that some elements from Libya were involved in it is beyond doubt. But as far as I can see it hasn't existed for some time and even when it did exist it was largely a construct of American, Saudi, British and Pakistani imperialism, rather than the "independent" force it was made out to be, even though it turned on its creators.

On the Libya thread on Libcom today, Wojek makes a link to Mark Curtis's book "Secret Affairs: Britain's collusion with radical Islam". If WR's article, "Gadaffi's Links with the British State" presents an excellent expose of British imperialism beyond Machiavelli, then the extracts from this book show Britain's links to the Islamic opposition in Libya. Gadaffi, who as far as I can see has also used Islamic Jihadists for Libya's own imperialist ends, was one who warned about Bin Laden in the mid-90s and was rebuffed by the British. As Curtis makes clear, at that time London was a haven for Islamic extremists and among these were senior and prominent elements of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) who were given political asylum by the British state for its own imperialist purposes. Curtis also produces evidence that MI6 colluded with the LIFG in an assassination and coup attempt against the Gadaffi regime and that the LIFG was given protection by the British state until after the 7.7 bombings. As Curtis points out, in this sordid Alice in Wonderland world of imperialist scheming, Whitehall and the secret services protect, collude and collaborate with the very groups that they claim to be opposed to.