Murdoch scandal: The lies of the rich and famous

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Murdoch scandal: The lies of the rich and famous
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Murdoch scandal: The lies of the rich and famous. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

A very good analysis. Well

A very good analysis. Well worth the wait! Just out of curiorsity, did NI ever support the losing party in UK elections?

Yes I agree, a very good

Yes I agree, a very good analysis on the life and manoeuvres of the British bourgeoisie. Sickening.

I don't think that a NI newspaper ever supported a losing side in the British elections which goes to show how adept the bourgeoisie are in sorting out the right result beforehand.

Of NI's 287 world titles (or whatever the number is) only one of them, a newspaper in New Guinea, did not support the Gulf War.

Blair & Murdoch

Further details of former British PM Tony Blair's links to Murdoch in today's Guardian






Congratulations and thanks to

Congratulations and thanks to WR for the excellent collection of articles in their September edition. "Economic depression, war, social decay: Only the class struggle offers a way out The riots in Britain and capitalism’s dead-end In the face of the riots, the bourgeoisie offers repression and lies Murdoch scandal: The lies of the rich and famous Capitalism Doesn’t Care World economic crisis: A murderous summer The masters change, exploitation and poverty remain Gaddafi’s links with British state Nuclear energy, capitalism and communism Capitalism in meltdown: is there a working class response? Protests continue despite war tensions" Gaddafi's links to the UK is a delicious shock horror story of the kind the News of the World used to love. Only this one, in exposing the disgusting arse- licking secret collusions of the bourgeoisie, AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS, they would needed to have suppressed or tarted up beyond recognition. The Murdoch Scandal is only a sideshow in comparison. But continues the same secretive deceitfulness which seems so agreeable to our oh-so-righteously-moral-leaders who only express this when condemning impoversished looters who have had the temerity to imitate them. Repression and lies are all the bourgeoisie have left to offer anyone (they have at least been left with something at which they have perfected great skill) as their health systems breakdown, leaving the sick and elderly in dire straits. Capitalism doesn't care: for anything- except a quick buck. What we are all waiting for now is the working class response. WR sees signs of this on the peripheries. When it comes home to Europe. Oh boy! We really do have nothing to lose.

Agree with the above

Agree with what kinglear says above: it's a strong issue of WR, It hits the right spots. In fact, the left communists, over the summer, showed why this current is still vital (in all meanings of the word), despite decidedly different emphases on different questions. Think the cross-fertilised feedback from different parts of this milieu (and those outside it - some of those from the anarchist/anarco-syndicalist currents) has been instructive, too. Additional rays of sunshine.

Been talking to a couple of mates over the weekend: one ex-Stalinist who thinks the 'communist project is dead'. Another, a well-meaning 'libertarian', sees only inter-imperialist carve-ups in Libya and fears world war, or an accumulation of local wars, as the only perspective. Neither of them see the working class having any bearing on the future. They may be right, of course. But neither seems to comprehend that it's only the somewhat intangeable but (for me) very real existence of an undefeated proletariat that even allows for any option. Or, to put it another way, it's only because the working class, internationally, hasn't been mashed that we even have the possibility of discussing an alternative persepctive. Perhaps I should post this in the class consciousness and decomposition thread.....