The capitalist economy locked in permanent decline

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The capitalist economy locked in permanent decline
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: The capitalist economy locked in permanent decline. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

This is a good article. But

This is a good article. But we need to be careful with statements like this:

"It will lead naturally to the overthrow of this system whose principle contradiction is that of the production for profit and accumulation and not the satisfaction of human needs. "

The idea that the revolution flows "naturally" from anything is going to be highly contentious.

A Valid Criticism

I think this is a valid criticism and we do need to be careful with the way we conclude articles.

With regard to the rest of the content, what did you like about it? It's helpful to know what we get right too.

I like the bit about the

I like the bit about the bourgeoisie being so up against the wall that it has no choice at this point but to try both flooding the economy with cash and brutal austerity creating stagflation. I thought the article was a little limited on the options open to the bourgeoise to try to stabilize the economcy, sticking only to monetarist/Keynensian options, but I will have to develop that more.

Does the reference to a "natural flow" come from all the Darwin reading the ICC has been doing lately? :)

Good Article : good response by jf and...

Is not jf's warning a good expression of how difficult and indescribable the link of objective and subjective is in the dialectic .

Indeed organic metaphors are to be used at the user's peril : just as 'economic growth' : 'green shoots of recovery ' ( banks have 'branches' even ) a subtle or not so subtle way of the dominant bourgeois ideological assumption trying to mystify us all that there is something 'natural' about Capitalism : especially in the sense that it has been seared into the unconscious mind of all that 'this sytem -warts and all- is nonetheless the final form of human society .

Of course I reject this .

And the specific analysis of the insupportable level of indebtedness 'between' contending bourgeois rivals is clear and the 'desperation' whether more or less disguised .

In fact I think that SO flimsy and threadbare have all the disguises of the ruling class become in accelerating decadence that it does 'inevitably' if not 'naturally' provoke combativity : the assertion that 'we are not fooled ' .

And yet .....

If ONLY the generation of 'the class consciousness that we need ' were a 'natural flow' for it surely cannot be forced : was it not Rosa Luxemburg who felt the need to point this out to her contempories : " class consciousness can not be distilled and injected into the masses'


I remember a pamphlet from 1968 called '10 Days That Shook The World' : I think it was perhaps a translation of a Paris Anarcho-Syndicalist ( maybe ) hand out : to this day I remember a far less researched clarity than the ICC's thouroughness provides , but it has stayed with me for 43 years :

"...the clowns who claim economic expertise on behalf of their political masters are just shovelling numbers from one ditch into another ..."

Not exactly a 'forensic analysis' but I have never trusted a bourgeois economist or 'stastistic'  since