Stop the War Coalition: an ‘alternative’ policy for British imperialism

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Stop the War Coalition: an ‘alternative’ policy for British imperialism
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Stop the War Coalition: an ‘alternative’ policy for British imperialism. The discussion was initiated by jk1921.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Wait, so StWC are ridiculed

Wait, so StWC are ridiculed as supporting jihadists, but they back the Assad regime, because its opposition are mainly jihadists? Sounds about right.....

realising our potential

Being out of touch with the real world, the slogan "Stop the War Campaign" mentioned above (StWC In bourgeois speak) took me by surprise and was puzzling.  Which war does it refer to, I wondered. In the old days wars had labels like Korean, Vietnam, Iraq nos. 1,2&3 etc., and so on, but now wars are just about everywhere and are not necessarily military. Not yet.   Including for example in Paris, at the Mexican border and the cross channel ports to name a few. Because just about  everyone seems to be at war with somebody these days, as the world's population squirms in agony beneath the bourgeois yoke. Not class war though. Not yet. 

Well, isn't the bourgeoisie  at war with refugees, migrants and the  general riff-raff of misfits as they see it and down-and-outs found all over the place now,  including the unemployed, the chronically sick, the "shirkers" (don't miss them out!) and anyone who isn't content with the paradisiacal status quo as ruled over by our wise leaders world wide. 

But to return to StWC. 

Car wrote:
Against the lying claims of the Stop the War Campaign (and its opponents), the world is not just so many brutal military conflicts in which the population must choose between its exploiters and oppressors, it is a world in which social classes have different interests and different dynamics.

Having got accustomed to seeing the world through the eyes of bourgeois tv, where brutal military conflicts serve as bread and butter, with refugees and migrants as a watery jam, to be reminded that we live in a world "in which social classes have different interests" came as an eye opener, as did the announcement that there's more to life than the limited and apparently only choice on offer, as seen through bourgeois eyes, between "exploiters and oppressors." 

Such is the power of bourgeois ideology, and its dominant transmission through media, that it's easy to forget  life doesn't have to be confined to the strait jackets supplied by the bourgeois. That a strict and confined focus on our exploiters  and oppressors and their dirty deeds, as the main focus of tv news and entertainment at large, isn't all we have to think about; and that we are still free to consider if we want more pleasant  and creative issues like how do we escape their strait-jacketing, how do we get out of the total mess they've created and insist on maintaining and when do we start?

Car wrote:
The bourgeoisie’s world is one of imperialist conflict; the working class, with common interests internationally, has the potential to destroy capitalist nation states and create a society based on solidarity.

So when do we start to realise our potential?