Bahraini Activist: Other countries have "Freedom"

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Bahraini Activist: Other countries have "Freedom"
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Sup everybody,

I was listening to some left-liberal news medeia today and they had a recently freed activist from Bahrain on the show. She began talking about the things going on there, the experiece of being in prison, etc.

At one point she said something like we just want to have "freedom" like the other countries, and she went on to list some western "democracies."

How much does this type of mentality play into the current direction of the proletariat? It's not just pure democratism, is it? Do workers in other countries percieve western countries as being "free?" On what basis?

How do we defeat this thinking in 2014? What is the best way to respond?

i understand that it's v

i understand that it's v hetrodox, but i think that there's something to be said for what lefort calls "savage democracy"... and yes, this would be something like it. but essentially it's not class based - and presumably very much taken in by parliamentary ideology. these are my own (main) misgivings...

it's an interesting question IMVHO. does anyone ever try to interpret history with the "second time as frace" comment at the fore? i am not sure i understand it - apart from the idea that if history DID repeat itself, it wouldn't need to.

Those are some of the same

Those are some of the same question I have lem, since history does repeat itself so very often and in the most ironic ways why is it so difficult to pull people out of an immeadiatist, regionalist perspective?

Born free

Regarding the idea  that we're all supposed to be free.  Isn't it largely Rousseau's fault.  In his work"The Social Contract"  (a phony proposition much loved by the ruling class - meaning that we wage slaves all agree  to our slavery and couldn't be happier if we tried ) the opening sentence says: "Man is born free and is everywhere in chains."  The ruling class ignore the 'is everywhere in chains' bit and cling for dear life to their truism that "man is born free". Born free like lions and tigers. 


In reality we're all born into the chains of whatever society we're born into. The Bahraini activist quoted above may think we don't have chains in the advanced democracies (hoot, shriek and fall about!) but she ought to try being a worker in one, specially an unemployed worker, and feel the weight of those chains.  

I don't know why an intelligent imaginative guy like Jean-Jacques (read his "Confessions" surely the most imaginative autobiography ever written?) should fall for the obvious commonsense trap of thinking we're born free, just because we're born naked perhaps, but if he'd written "man is  born in chains and is very where struggling to get free of them" he'd've been right on the mark.  


Incidentally lem,    what does IMVHO mean?  I'm VCIMB. Yours, Fred.