NSA Scandal & Workers

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NSA Scandal & Workers
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What effect can we speculate the NSA scandal is having in the minds of workers? Has it caused even more distrust in the state? In "democracy?" Has it made it even more clear that the state is an enemy of freedom? Will it help people begin to think beyond national boundaries in any type of way? How can we link the NSA to capitalism directly, without making a stretch?

I've read the great article the comrade Henk wrote back when the news first broke, but how do people see the international working class being affected by it today, a few weeks and months later?


Where is the article by jk?  Wasn't the article about the NSA written by Henk? 

Jekyll and hide

Its a super article in fact. Full of insights and lots of wit.  It must be one of jk Jekyll's and Henk the Hyde's  masterpieces!