The Current Situation in the US

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The Current Situation in the US
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Hey whats up everybody this is Jamal

It's Friday lunch time here and I was hoping to start a discussion about some of the events that have been happening here in the US (not at all to over shadow the events in Brazil and Turkey).

Some things that have been happening if you're not able to follow US current events closely (hard to know where to begin):

1. Guantanamo prisoners continue hunger strike, now being force-fed.
2. Talks continue over arming Syrian rebels
3. Assata Shakur added to the FBI's most wanted terrorists list
4. Petagon study finds 26,000 sexual assualts in military over one year
5. Former Republic factory workers in Chicago re-open business as "worker owned cooperative"
6. May 10th - The American Civil Liberties Union has obtained documents revealing that the FBI and IRS may be reading emails and other electronic communications of U.S. citizens without obtaining a warrant.
7. May 17th - Senate hearing revisiting the Authorization for Use of Military Force
8. May 23rd - Obama admits four US citizens were killed as enemy combatants in overseas drone strikes
9. Chicago shuts down at least 50 publics schools (...neener neener to all those CTU fans...)
10. Report finds 1 and 6 people living in US go hungry
11. June 3rd - Bradley Manning trial begins
12. A leaked court order reveals the Obama administration is conducting a massive domestic surveillance program by collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers
13. June 10th - Now famous whistleblower Ed Snowden proves the National Security Agency has obtained access to the central servers of nine major Internet companies — including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo! and Facebook. (In your face people who called me paranoid for deleting my Google and Facebook accounts when they began asking for phone numbers over a year ago!)
14. June 13th - Mexican migrant dies of heatstroke re-crossing border
15. Supreme courts bars patenting of (non-altered or "natural") genes... Concession #1
16. Obama, other high-ranking officials begin outright lying about legal procedures of State surveillance
17. News emerges Obama himself was tapped in 2004
18. US Gov't possibly covering up aspects of TWA 800 crash
19. June 26th - Supreme court guts Voting Rights Act... Concession #2
20. Same day - Anti-abortion bill fails in Texas
21. June 27th - Supreme court strikes down DOMA, Prop 8... Concession #3
22. Senate passes immagration "reform" bill... could be seen as a concession
23. Trial of George Zimmerman begins

So from my perspective when put into a chronological (even if simplified) list we can see the shit storm that came down on the US Ruling Class eariler this month. And we also see the resulting concessions.

What are your thoughts? What does this mean for the US class struggle? Or how are you affected by this where you live?

I can't remember the last time the US government has been caught so red-handed and then so blatantly broken open the Piñata of concessions. Is the American bourgeoisies grip on the working class strengthening or slipping???

good questions....

jk1921 is working on these very questions at the moment and I hope he comes in at this point.....

Shoot, me too :)) Definitely

Shoot, me too :))

Definitely interested in his analysis!

The utilization of a 'soft'

The utilization of a 'soft' or hands-off approach by the trade unions in large and 'unorganizeable' companies or industries like Walmart and fast food has a strange new dynamic to it. Strikes have become more frequent at Walmart; during the Black Friday protests, instances of rank and file Walmart workers being arrested in CA came out. While the UFCW-OURWalmart-WWP-RCP-etc. staffers and activists tried to stop workers from blocking store entrances, there were arrests of workers who had walked-out on strike and then tried to block access to the store (remember seeing this reported on Libcom). Strikes against retaliation have been on and off since last year. I wonder if changes in both public and private sector trade unionism and new attempts to get a foothold in various industries and sectors needs a more in-depth analysis. There is an article on Insurgent Notes about the origins and rise of 'Workers Centers'- which have also played a role in the Walmart strikes/protests. But they are sometimes independent, sometimes linked to a specific trade union or a specific union federation etc (2 workers centers were prominent in the Walmart struggles- one allied to the United Electrical Workers, the last red-baited rank and filist union in the US, one allied directly to the Change To Win union federation of which the UFCW is a member).


Jamal wrote:
Now famous whistleblower Ed Snowden proves the National Security Agency has obtained access to the central servers of nine major Internet companies — including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo! and Facebook.


What are we supposed to make of Ed Snowden and others leakers like him?  Is he on our side or theirs?  

@Fred:I'm personally


I'm personally indifferent. He grew up very near here. The media here is drilling the fact that he never graduated high school. Knowing how segregated the schools still are in Wilmington, NC I don't blame him. But it's "funny" how the bourgeoisie are using that to attack him.

I'll tell you one thing. Obama can go fuck himself. First he jokes about drone striking civilian teenegers for approaching his daughters--- then his comments about this guy being a reckless "kid" when the guy is 30 yrs old...Never thought I'd say this...but is anyone missing George Bush yet???

Some people say, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." I tend to disagree. But in this case, no clue really.


There's a odd situation in town here regarding that. A few local big shot lawyers/associate professors seem to with the backing of the IWW be creating some of these "workers centers" where they give seminars on legal rights, etc. They have already won back pay and made a pretty awesome difference in like 500 workers immediate living conditions. And they push the whole "one big union for one new big society thing" which can't hurt too bad, can it?

It's kind of hard to proverbially shit on the unions in these situations, while "in the field." Even if theoretically a point can still be valid. But further than that maybe one could argue there's a sort of grassroots-populism thing going on in the American t.u movement at the present.



Greetings from across the pond ,

I have long failed to see how anyone could argue against the blindingly obvious long standing Proactive Co-Operative Planned Oppression -read Criminal Military Industrial Conspiracy - of The Ruling Class on an International scale.

Here is a link delineating Britland's complicity:

There has been sporadic isolated resistance to U.S. Bases for a long time - thus offloading the blame in mystified manner :and lately a campaign against Google for 'The Right To Be Forgotten' over here. Also the revelations that the entire Press has been acting illegally and obscenely for years but Murdoch's chief stool-pidgeon Rebekah Wade (Brooks) may well still be having picnics with the Oxford Cameron Mafia for all I know . 

I'll get back ..