Syriza, Podemos - What do they say about the 2011 social movements?

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Syriza, Podemos - What do they say about the 2011 social movements?
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To me it's a reflection of how deeply indoctrinated most of the working class is in the rhetoric of "democracy" or "real democracy". I haven't heard anyone one of these politician guys on TV from Greece and Spain even say the word "worker" one time. But even if they did, it wouldn't mean anything. These guys don't give a shit about the working class or communism, they operate totally within the limits of capitalism and bourgeois society. There is some signficance in the working class participation, for example Podemos has "circulos" that plan specific interventions. But I think the significance lies in the fact that workers are tied up doing this activity (which includes and is not limited to parliamentariam and many other throughly bourgeois activities), instead of making a social revolution. To me these social movements and these groups represent anomilies in the physics of a crashing system, a further sign that something is seriously wrong with capitalism and social progress in general. I can't help thinking the same thing with all the free speech and civil rights issues today...these are problems from the 1950 and 60's...has human society reached a peak?

Obviously it's a recuperation

Obviously it's a recuperation and not something to celebrate, but I don't think it's a defeat, more a sign of immaturity etc.

I am more worried about the prospect of a new European war than I have been for a while, though.