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Buying ICC Literature from
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I just bought Communism Vol. 1 from and was wondering when I could expect it to arrive across the pond.


Edit: Normally I would have bought it directly from a comrade but I had to pay with Bitcoin & Amazon gift cards.

Edit 2: The main reason for confusion is that at check out I was shown there were 5-6 new books in stock and a delivery time of 2-5 days. I then received an email from Amazon after purchase stating they were unsure about availability, and asked if I wanted to cancel the order. I don't! Thanks comrades

Just got the book! Thanks a

Just got the book! Thanks a ton. Got here very fast, even quicker than expected. Thanks again.

enjoy! happy new year to all


happy new year to all our readers....

Thanks Alf

Happy New Year to everyone and let's hope we see resurgent class struggle in 2015!

Will "The Russian Communist

Will "The Russian Communist Left" be reprinted or does the ICC have any copies left? 

The only place I've seen is here and I could never justify 395 US dollars for a book ;)