A fire in the master’s house is lit

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A fire in the master’s house is lit
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: A fire in the master’s house is lit. The discussion was initiated by Jamal.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

I'd like to thank my friends,

I'd like to thank my friends, the ICC, for taking the initiative and publishing my post on the main website. I was a combination of shocked and proud when it came up in my RSS feed.

In regards to the comments added by the ICC, many great points are added on. I think that just further illustrates the need for more regular and centralized discussion, even if there are disagreements.

It is unfortunate that so many police killings in the US pass without protest. Unlike Greece and France, we have not seen any significant protests of these events on college campuses, as far as I know. The ICC's comments are correct to bring up the need for discussion about capitalism and the working class in events such as these.

If I could, I would rephrase the statement about a prosperous black nation because my real intention was to point out that if the black nationalist ideology were to see its end, whatever black nation that would supposedly be created in the US would be in competition with the US state, etc etc. I agree that it is in capitalism's interest to include everybody and should have pointed out more clearly that is one of the main intentions of the Federal governments involvement in Ferguson. Eric Holder was there to send the message that, "Hey, we'd like to include everybody in this." As someone in the other thread pointed out they held a job fair in the nieghborhood soon after Michael Brown's death, as some form of retribution or something. That is a sick, yet blatant example of the intentions of the capitalist state here.

hey just though i'd add that

hey just though i'd add that it's a really strong headline and you seem very impassioned. it's a good piece iMHO.