Need help, a list of mass murders by bourgeois democracies?

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Need help, a list of mass murders by bourgeois democracies?
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I'm looking to compile a list of mass murders committed by the governments of so called "democracies". The bombing of Dresden, of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are two obvious examples.

But to illustrate a point I was hoping to find a diversity of many, many more examples. I've only been alive for two decades or so, and it's requiring a bit more digging than I expected.

My intent is to show mass murder is intrinsically related to the nation state in capitalism itself.

Could the comrades here help out by maybe listing or linking to info about events they believe fit this criteria? Thanks a ton for the help.

- Jamal


Some sites linking to global conflicts:

This first site seems to under-estimate fatalities, makes no mention of injuries or ‘displacements’ (refugees).

Second site seems more detailed but does it include millions of casualties of ‘Spanish Flu’ attributable to WW1?

Finally, these ICC articles are worth considering for other elements:





It may well be covered in one

It may well be covered in one of the references from KT above, but British atrocities and starvation policies in India and Germany after the war cost the lives of millions. But it's not just the "external" actions of the democracies. As the ICC's book on the Italian Left showed, the Germans were desperated to conclude an armistice around 1943 and after but there was no question of this for the allies who, in the interests of completely crushing the workng class, as well as their imperialist rivals, were prepared to sacrifice greater numbers of their "own" people.