To English-language readers of the series of articles “Worker communism radical conscience of the left of capital”!

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To English-language readers of the series of articles “Worker communism radical conscience of the left of capital”!
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To English-language readers of the series of articles “Worker communism radical conscience of the left of capital”!


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Apparently, the ‘Worker-communist Initiative’ and the ‘Workers’ Party’ no longer exist, while their respective websites have not been available for a long time. The lack of access to these sites was noticed after the publication of our article. The search for the ‘Workers’ Party’ is not going anywhere, while the search for the ‘Worker-communist Initiative’ leads to a French-language blog close to worker communism.


To the internationalists!

To the defenders of Marxism!

Throughout the history of workers’ movement, different political currents of the bourgeois class have tried to dress up their demands and class interests in Marxism. One of these political trends has been the current of so-called worker communism. Worker communism, by grasping at words such as international, revolution and communism, and in its radical phrase, has tried to portray itself as a historical current which advocated Marxism against other anti-revolutionary tendencies. It has been an attempt at depict it is an internationalist current, whose platform will become the platform of the social revolution, not only in the Middle East, but also in European and American workers’ movement. In this context, the Worker-communist Initiative of France and Belgium [1] and the Workers’ Party in the US [2] have chosen the “A Better World” platform of worker communism as their platform.

Will spreading propaganda about the worker communism current become the theory of the social revolution of the workers in Western countries? It is in this regard that the Workers-Communist Initiative demanded that it is time for worker-communism to arrive in Western countries, to be set up as a communist answer to Western working-class issues.

Now, it’s time for worker-communism to land in western countries, to be set up as a communist answer to the western working-class issues.”[3]

In the early 1980s, this current sought to approach the communist left. This was not possible; and, in its process, under the influence of left communism, some of its activists criticized their own current. In this context, the ideologues of the current, under the guise of criticism, smeared and humiliated the communist left. Those negligible apprentices were indebted to second-hand Stalinist-Maoist knowledge about the communist left, resulting in a proletarian position in the darkest period of the counterrevolution in relation to internationalist communists who had gained the richest Marxist achievements in the worst conditions. They also expressed their contempt for the communist left, claiming they were not familiar with the theoretical rulings and principles of Marxism, as they smeared below:

“At least we had the impression that the ‘communist left’ was a theoretical current, whose problem should be further explored in terms of not understanding the relationship between theory and practice, and not in the lack of familiarity with the theoretical rulings and principles of Marxism.” [4][our translation]

Under the influence of the Internationalist Communist Party (ICP), the Italian section of this current was plunged into crisis and dissolved. The ideologues of this current tried to contain this crisis before it spread to other sections, especially Britain. Further, claiming to merely offer criticism, they began to launch a hysterical attack on the communism left, and in particular ICP (Battaglia Communista), writing:

“Indeed, it can be said that the platform of the ICP [Battaglia Communista], in terms of the form of regulations and the issues raised, is not a coherent political platform, nor is it similar to a party programme; rather, it is a diverse set of theoretical comments and political positions without displaying any clear and comprehensive political behaviour or offering any theoretical insight.” [5][our translation]

Unfortunately, this bourgeois and counterrevolutionary current, in the name of communism and the worker, has played a major role in smearing revolutionary and communist values and terms such as revolution, communism and proletariat. We have responded, from an internationalist perspective, paragraph by paragraph, to this current’s delirious slander directed at the communist left in Section 8, as well as the claim about the shift of the communist left away from internationalist horizons. The mud thrown by this current at the communist left and the ICP has promoted a decisive Marxist response. We have no criticism of this bourgeoisie current; the critique of our class about the bourgeois class can only be made through communist revolution.

The series of articles “Worker Communism  Radical Conscience of the Left of Capital”, is not an anatomy and an analysis of worker communism, but also a defence of Marxism and its proletarian goals, which should expose the public to the counterrevolutionary and bourgeois nature of this current. The disclosure of the counterrevolutionary and anti-communist nature of this current is not limited to the Middle East. In this series of articles, deeply Marxist topics, such as the concept of social revolution (Section 3), Marxist economic topics (Section 4), war from a Marxist position (Section 5), the Marxist concept of the party (Section 6), Stalinism and socialism in one country (Section 7), and the basic positions of Left Communism (section eight), etc., are discussed or will be discussed.

Exposing to the public to the bourgeois nature and the anti-worker function of this current from an internationalist perspective, and, most importantly, the defence of Marxism, requires the cooperation of all those who consider the class struggle and related social events in internationalist terms. Continuity and the continued publication of these articles in English, on the one hand, have led to a huge volume of articles; on the other hand, due to the limited possibilities of Internationalist Voice, the collaboration of other internationalists is necessary. All comrades and internationalists are welcome to contribute to continuing to publish these articles in defence of Marxism.

Internationalist Voice

5 December 2017




[3] Message of Worker-communism Initiative (France, Belgium), to the first congress of Worker-communism Unity Party, Iran, 20 February 2011

[4] “Toward Socialism”, Volume 2, No: 2, page 45

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