Balance is shifting in the world economy ?

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Balance is shifting in the world economy ?
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Mr. Satur Ocampo, one of the “legal” leaders of the Philippine maoist movement wrote an article (link: ) in the bourgeois press analyzing the world economy from maoist perspective. I don't know if all maoists around the world shared his (or Philippine maoist view) view on the world economy.

My impression on his article is:
1. He believes that there is a shift concerning the dominance of junior imperialist powers against the “old” ones.
2. That this is a “positive” development for world capitalism citing the “facts” written by 40 World Bank economists (The Day After Tomorrow).
3. Insinuating that the so-called “emerging markets” are “really” developng and asserting their independence from the “old” ones.

Any comments of Mr. Ocampo's article?