Democratise capitalism or destroy it?

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Democratise capitalism or destroy it?
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The slogan “Democratise capitalism” appeared on the side of the Tent City University at the St Paul’s occupation, provoking some sharp debates. This meeting, organised by the International Communist Current, argues that capitalism cannot be democratised, reformed or regulated in the interests of the vast majority, but needs to be destroyed by a social revolution carried out by the vast majority

Saturday 4th February 2012 
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Bank of Ideas, Sun Street, London EC2. Nearest tube: Liverpool Street

meeting cancelled

 Unfortunately this meeting has been cancelled as the police have forcibly evicted the occupiers.  We are looking for an alternative venue.


red flag
Well as they say actions

Well as they say actions speak louder than words.  As reformists aim for democratisation the bourgeoise shuts down the restricted spaces that we have.  In the age of austerity/decompostion then the system simply will not allow even bourgeosie democracy to operate.

guard dogs of bourgeois privilege

The police and the unions control just about everything now. Specially anything that might allow a proletarian development in some way. Meetings, marches, strikes, any unofficial action, unfettered communication between workers, contacts between students, unemployed, and anyone else starting to think that this lousy system needs replacing, are all open to be manipulated and ultimately supressed by bourgeois forces of control. Because in our hands these all become weapons against the bourgeoisie. They are a means for our expression. The main aim of the bourgeoisie, who are running scared, and who seem more aware of our power than we do ourselves, at the present time, is to block and close down all our attempts to discuss and develop our solidarity, or bring about a cross fertilization of proletarian thought. This is where the police and the unions come in: the snarling guard dogs of bourgeois privilege. Anything smelling of proletarian self -organization is ruthlessly hunted down and savaged. So "Democratize Capitalism?" Don't make me laugh. Freedom and democracy, bourgeois style, are just a lie and just a myth; especially in today's crippling austerity, as red flag says. And janapple is right. Our only hope now is for proletarian uprisings, outside of police and union control, organized locally at first then spreading internationally. Don't waste time trying to reform or democratize this dying system. Just destroy it!

They already democratized

They already democratized capitalism, but only the loss part; the gain part is still reserved for a select few.

capitalism democratized

Well said jk. They democratized the loss but not the gain. You should award yourself an extra special bonus for this!