Structure of this forum - Any suggestions?

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Structure of this forum - Any suggestions?
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With the forum becoming more established, we're thinking of adding subforums along the lines of Libcom. If you have any suggestions for particular categories for these discussions then fire away.

My only suggestion would be

My only suggestion would be to keep it simple, not make too many subforums (like Libcom). Maybe Theory, ICC-related, History, Economics, News would probably be the most important, other less important might be an Opposing Views subforum, a Foreign Language subforum, a socializing/low brow subforum (like Libcommunity), etc.

Red Hughs
I would suggest at least

I would suggest at least avoiding the tone of libcommunity...

I feel like libcommunity brings a certain crowd together based on a certain sense of humor and willingness to give and receive jibes. While this might well be fun, I feel like it sets an uncomradely tone - someone interested in the libcom would judge it based on the libcommunity tone rather than the politics involved. What I think is a good about an organized, intentional communist group is that such a group can make a systematic effort to be open to anyone sincerely agreeing with its politics. That is what seperates such a group from a clique or a "milieu".  Serious communist should cultivate this and it is sorely lacking today, even among otherwise fairly committed activists.

As far as categories go, I agree that just three or four seems right. Too many and the less-trafficed one will tend to be ignore.













What about "New" so you only

What about "New" so you only click on what you haven't read? I'm sure it was on here earlier but hasn't appeared since.

Are YOU in the ICC, your class needs you!

What about ICC members having something in their user name area denoting they are members of the ICC? I often forget who is or isn't a member, I could just try and remember I suppose. It may be useful if someone wants to ask a direct question to a member too. Any thoughts?

Don't comment on here often,

Don't comment on here often, but do enjoy reading the posts and debates. While a few subforums would help to order and find things, I agree with Red comments on libcom.

You should do Theft - anyway

You should do Theft - anyway hello and welcome.

Thanks Baboon. I also seem to

Thanks Baboon.

I also seem to have a problem, as all my posts go to moderation and in some cases never get put up on the site, not sure really why this happens, username maybe?

Anyway I will setup another account this one doesn't get through again.

Elevated status

Hi there Theft and welcome to the forum. The anti-spam sometimes works in mysterious ways in deciding what goes into moderation, but you have now been elevated to the lofty status of a bona fide forumista, so you should no longer get blocked and shouldn't need to set up another ID