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Weakest link
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Owing to the differing levels of development, the world bourgeoisie have different strengths in different countries. Thus Lenin had come to the conclusion that capitalism would break at its weakest link, the so-called Third World countries, where the bourgeoisie are the weakest. Maoists with their romantic nationalism, extend this further by calling for the development of a peasant army in the countryside, where the bourgeoisie is the weakest, so that they can "surround the cities". Of course, this seems to not take into consideration the development of class consciousness among the workers and can thus be seen as a vulgar materialist analysis. What is the ICC's position on this Maoist and Leninist theory of the 'weakest link'?

Brief initial reply

 Here is a link to an article we wrote on the weak link in the early 89s following a discussion inside the organisation. en.internationalism.org/book/export/html/2962. I do not have time at the moment to search for any more article, but it could be worth searching weak link on the website. 

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