Immigration and the workers’ movement

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Immigration and the workers’ movement
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Immigration and the workers’ movement. The discussion was initiated by Hawkeye.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Global Slum, Global Countryside, Global People's War

Maybe readers are already familiar with a Maoist website as follows, but if not, or in any case, some the articles on it could be considered in relation to factors generating trans-national movement of workers.  The website which I have only recently discovered is  Their journal is 'Monkey Smashes Heaven', which apparently derives from a story of a rebel monkey-god Sun Wukong. It is the 'Leading Light Communist Organisation'.  It seems to be based in Denver, USA.

 I've just finished reading the 2011 book by Terry Eagleton - 'Why Marx was right', in which he says that in the 1920s and '30s, practically the only men and women to be found preaching racial equality were communists.  I found his book to contain all sorts of (for me) surprising observations and would be interested to know of any comments on it by ICC in due course.

I hope it's OK to send this comment, because obviously it isn't a deeply analytical study of 'Immigration and the workers' movement' article nor even a brief survey of it, but it seems perhaps usefully relevant to draw readers' attention to same.

At the time of sending this comment, I've no intention of getting into intricate theoretical hassle with anyone, but hope to make further efforts to think about the world and class situation and to consider what is likely to happen.

Best wishes.  7-6-2011.

More re Global and Maoism

Further to comment of June 7, 2011, there are two statements in English, of May 2011, on the website of Maoists in Peru -, of which the longer one contains a number of comments on the world situation.