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Forum topic: Soma mining disaster: capitalism is responsible
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Soma mining disaster: capitalism is responsible. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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Sympathy with our young class

Sympathy with our young class brothers who have been murdered in Turkey by the bourgeoisie in an unnecessary mining disaster: the latest of many mining disasters round the world.


But look at it for a moment from the bourgeoisie's point of view and from PM Erdogan's point of view, and be reasonable.


it was an accident.  And if you have the accidental misfortune to be born into the working class then this sort of thing may happen to you as you try to lead some sort of a ghastly life with a ghastlier job and feed yourself and your ghastly  dependents!  Stop whining!  Wouldn't it be worse if you had no job at all?  Just think about those who have to exist without any wage and maybe you'll feel better about yourself.  Maybe you'll come to see that risks have to be taken in this life, like when I had to hide in a supermarket recently from student thugs, which is a life  we can't improve so just accept it, and that sometimes accidents happen.  Look at the four British yachtsmen who've  gone missing, not to mention the disappearance of MH 370. You don't hear these people complaining.  No. They just accept that accidents happen and get on with it.   All accidents.  Even us, the Ruling Class, can have accidents: like on skiing holidays,  or eating too much and hitting the champagne then slipping off the pavement. This  can cause broken legs or worse.  Accidents just happen.  Workers who go on strike, selfishly wanting more money, not caring about anyone else, just thinking of number one, can get injured or accidentally shot by the police doing their difficult and dangerous job. Does anyone feel sympathy for the police doing their job? No they don't. All they think about is money, and causing trouble for us, the very people who are trying to secure a strong economy and a better life for everyone.   Equality for all!  Dream about that!    (As if workers could ever be equal  with us the bourgeoisie!  It's completely daft. But they don't understand that. Just idiots and bird brains.)   But that's what we say we want. Equality!  The crazy dream. That's what we aim for.   So let us get on with our job in government and you get on with yours.  After all there's the wonderful masquerade of our bourgeois election rubbish clap-trap coming along shortly, democracy for all and it'll cost a fortune,  right after the World Cup, which, if you pray hard enough we may even contrive to win for you, if the money doesn't run out,  and then you can all march to the stinking unventilated polling  booths and cast your vote for the next gang of we the secret criminals who alone  are prepared to take on the thankless but profitable job of keeping you under our thumbs. 


However.  Solidarity with the Turkish Workers mourning  for their murdered class brothers.  And solidarity  with workers everywhere as we renew our struggles against the most ludicrous but terrifying way of life the world has ever seen. Capitalism. 

Solidarity with Workers mourning the murdered

This is the kind of crime that reaffirms a visceral hatred of capitalism.

This is the kind of response from the proletariat ­ – in its broadest sense - that despite all its limitations gives hope for another, different future.

This is the kind of article that affirms the vitality of the ICC. Thank you comrades.