Five years of carnage and of bourgeois hypocrisy

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Five years of carnage and of bourgeois hypocrisy
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Five years of carnage and of bourgeois hypocrisy. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

who are the terrorists?

Well said DG.

  It’s true that Boko Haram is a bunch of fanatical killers. But the big bourgeoisie is no less murderous. It runs a system of inhuman exploitation and will stop at nothing in the defence of its interests. It carries out massacres on a vast scale, and with cold calculation: two world wars, Korea and Vietnam, the Gulf war 0f 91, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in the 2000s...there is no end to the list of imperialist slaughters. Meanwhile, while the media made all the noise, it was the parents of the schoolchildren themselves who got together to pay the cost of the petrol needed to search for the missing girls.



The big bourgeoisie, its petty bourgeois lick spittle adorers and its various police forces,  are not just murderers themselves but should be classed as terrorists as well,  just like Boko Haram.  From the guy who set himself up as a neighbourhood watch spy and shot  innocent Traygon Martin in Florida, on the grounds he looked suspicious and was black, to the police who shot an innocent man in Stockwell tube station in London  on the grounds that he looked foreign  ( he was foreign!) could have been thought to be carrying a weapon ( he wasn't: but the police were!) and because he was running away ( he was running away from armed policemen chasing him!) and because the police needed desperately to locate some missing "private" terrorist -  as opposed to the publicly owned "state" terrorism they go in for -   and score points with the media, this dying society the bourgeoisie has brought about is riddled to the core with fanatical urges everywhere to terrorize and kill. Boko Haram is just the tip of a nasty jagged iceberg of hate and loathing, almost a comic caricature of the big bourgeoisie in their bizarre religious lunacy, but the product of decomposing capitalism. 



But this is just a small example of the terror spawned by the bourgeoisie. There are the massacres on a grand scale mentioned by DG. But there's also the "inhuman exploitation".  This is an umbrella term for the annual murder of millions through starvation, calamities and disasters which are  all the product of the bourgeoisie's failing terror system called capitalism, which gets more terrifying the more it fails. The unnecessary deaths of the young miners recently in Turkey, victims of cost cutting, which merely adds more names to the long list of wage slaves  murdered while producing profits  in the service of the bourgeoisie,  is the latest embarrassment for the bourgeoise if they were capable of such a human feeling. But better, like Erdogan, to hide away in a supermarket till the trouble blows over; no need to feel bad about anything, or feel responsible; no need to be embarrassed.  After all accidents do happen as Erdogan said.  This is surely the under statement of the decade.  



If we were to assemble lists of the murder  and misery, brought about by inhuman exploitation, and then try to explain or justify it under the heading of  "accidental deaths "  or "regrettable  accidents" who would believe it?   It was a regrettable accident that Boko Haram stole the Nigerian    school girls till somebody woke the  Obama's  up and the pathos laden Michelle turned up on tv with her tatty little pathetic paper plea.  "Bring back our girls" But she  forgot to add, please.  That probably means Boko Haram will be unhappy at the insensitive omission and ignore her well-staged efforts   But its good publicity for Michelle  and that's what counts in the end. The girls are gone. 



No doubt  the inhuman agony caused by the explosion  of austerity measures in the rich (!) western countries is all another accident. This terror, and it is a terror for those forced to submit to it year in year out, with no light down the tunnel and nothing to live for, is a kind of secret terror with sinister  psychological dimensions  that doesn't get to speak its name or explain itself,  and is played out in millions of dingy dwellings  sprinkled across Europe and America -  not to mention the world's shanty towns internationally dispersed.  


Oh yes! As DG has said: the bourgeoisie is no less murderous than Boko Haram. It is also the world's  leading gang  of terrorists. 



Good article.

In Britain the search for the girls has given way to the search for 4 yachtsmen and prior to  that the search for the abducted girls we had the search for a missing Malaysian airliner that dominated the airwaves. "Searches" are clearly an important component in bourgeois propaganda and diversions.

I think it absolutely right to denounce the cynicism and hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie which the article does well.

It talks about how long these atrocities have been going on in northern Nigeria, largely ignored by the bourgeoisie. But the scale of this particular expression of capitalist decomposition has been exacerbated by the war in the war in Libya (there's a good article on this in the Guardian today by Seumus Milne). The chaos from the Obama/Sarkozy/Cameron-led war has now reached down to Nigeria on one side of Africa to Kenya on the other, with Niger, Chad, the inflamed Central African Republic and the rapidly decomposing new state of South Sudan in between. The western nations and, to some extent, China, already have special and regular forces on the ground along with various "assets". The US has beefed up its garrisons as have the British and French. Local rivalries have also played a part in the strengthening of Boko Haram with reports of support and sustanence coming from Cameroon.

I think that we should be careful about the "pure evil" type descriptions that trip off the tongue of people who have only worsened the situation in their specifics. Unemployment and "no future" play a role here and these youths, bestialised as many of them eventually are, are hoovered up by these organisations. Just like Al Shabab in Kenya, whose numbers went up every time there was an air-strike or murderous attacks by the Kenyan army.