Class Struggle in China

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Class Struggle in China
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Class Struggle in China. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!


It is the month of Maying, when Merry Lambs are playing. The bare ruined choirs of winter are resplendent with new leaf  and the sweet birds outdo each other in song - though largely drowned out by the traffic.  Sing out your madrigals chant  out  your rap oh working class!  The workers in China  inform the bourgeoisie in certain voice  that they exist this MayDay in fighting form, and in large numbers too.  Rejoice oh comrades.  Away terminal despair!    It is the month of Maying. Hey nonny  no etc. and thank you baboon for your happy article. 

(Exit Fred round the Maypole of regroupment, with bells jingling  and fire crackers ablaze!) 

Back to work?

There's a report on the WSWS today that up to 80% of the forty-five thousand Yue Yuen workers on strike have returned to work. AP reports that ten thousand workers are still on strike and the Xinhua official agency reports that dozens of workers have been taken away by police. The role of NGO legal "activists" in strikes in China - given the weakness of the unions - is once again confirmed in Dongguan where the Labour Justicce Service Department has been getting involved in the strike. It's called an "NGO" but like all of these bodies they fulfil a role for the state.

The WSWS report also confirms the fundamental reasons for the discontent in that many jobs are being relocated to more "pacific" provinces in China or abroad to Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangla-Desh, where large-scale strikes and protests are also on the increase.

Back to work? #3

Baboon mentions WSWS in his comment #3.  Has he seen the section entitled 'Who is David North?' on the website in the Winter 2012-2013 Spartacist article entitled 'Fake Trotskyist Poseurs Promote Anti-Bolshevik Tract ?  

Please note that I am not a member of icl-fi, though many years ago once heard North speak in London where he severely criticised Churchill !  I hesitate, now, to make any comments at all on ICC's website, but thought that this comment might be worthwhile for baboon.