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Forum topic: Refuse collectors strike in Madrid
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Refuse collectors strike in Madrid. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

I love this article, with its

I love this article, with its passion for humanity and its understanding of the way in which the oppressed worker in his oppression can still see a way out and a way forward and an escape from the brutal anti-human relations of production which pass for  life under bourgeois rule.  

The competition forced on some workers in the West, as their jobs disappear, shipped abroad to cheaper labour power, or given over to machines, or just abandoned as a result of austerity,  like the reduction in health care jobs,  or the loss of jobs for those who keep the infrastructure of  society in good working order such  as to avoid the flooding which plagues so many areas of the world now,  including countries claiming be advanced civilizations -  as if there's anything civilizing left about decomposing capitalism - might be thought to be the final and complete brutalization and degradation of all working class spirit. 


But it it isn't!   Look at this.  

 For the exploited... the most important thing is the response given by an anonymous striker to a television reporter who asked him what was positive about the strike: "To discover that someone who works alongside me is a real comrade."

Ah!  What a find. What a realization!  To discover a comrade.  To find comradeship!   A real  comrade!  To find the antidote to the lonely misery of capitalist isolation; the war of all against all;  and the living death of competitive struggle which only serves to reduce wages and intensify both isolation and unhappiness.  


This is a very moving article by our Spanish comrades, which gets to the very heart of the issues facing us all now.   Human love and solidarity;  or the fight to the death of each against all to preserve a bankrupt  and antiquated system.