Cuts: capitalism has no alternative

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Cuts: capitalism has no alternative
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Cuts: capitalism has no alternative. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

free beer tomorrow

Guardian wrote:
...there is the lopping off narrative of George Osborne and then there is the narrative of making people less reliant on the welfare state by making work pay. But that takes a long time.  

What on earth does this mean?  What does "making work pay" mean?  Is it an acknowledgement that the pay we  receive  for doing a job, if we've got one, is at present inadequate?  But that if only we all got more pay  this would relieve us from being an encumbrance on the welfare state?  Is this a proposal that everyone in work should receive enough remuneration to cover private health care, private education, private transport and the like as if we  were all millionaires, or one  of the 58 people or however many it is, who own most of the world's wealth according to CNN news?     I don't get it!   Its  a marvelous idea of course.  Its utopia achieved.  We all get payed enough to live the life of the idle  rich; freed from handouts; from hospital queues; from lousy schools; from cheap housing and all the other welfare state delights of working class misery.  So. The sooner the better.   However, there's a hitch.  This wonderful world in which we are all capitalists reaping our profits from an eternally bumper harvest  "takes a long time"!  Ah! Now there's the rub. Its Nirvana again and free beer tomorrow. When will we get rid of all these idiots and their lunatic capitalism? 

Hospital Queue?

Fred wrote:

 Its  a marvelous idea of course.  Its utopia achieved.  We all get payed enough to live the life of the idle  rich; freed from handouts; from hospital queues;


What's a hospital queue? I don't think those are supposed to exist in the US. Well, at least not until Obamacare screws everything up!

hospital queues etc.

I think what I meant by queues was "waiting lists" but I understand that getting to see a doctor in the UK now is so difficult  - they're grossly overworked and you have to make appointments though they are of course FREE: at least theoretically  and ideologically speaking - that many patients and others just generally suffering the anguish and traumas of AUSTERITY - the homeless and druggies, alcoholics and many other sufferers caught up and battered in the wreckage of bourgeois society and unable to get to see their own medical practitioners conveniently, end up packing out hospital Emergency Rooms as a place  of last resort, or as an escape from whatever's  going on outside. And at least it'll be warm in the ER and probably fairly clean with a not-too-expensive canteen.   Not too much vomit on the floor if you're lucky. 

These "queues" of people searching for solace and love in the form of healthcare may not be so obvious in the US where it probably costs a down payment just to walk through a hospital door.  But British Hospitals, once the pride of the bourgeoisie, who are always telling us how lucky we are in getting them FREE (we don't of course, but have paid for them through the nose (a) in dying in large numbers during the 2nd. World War to give capitalism the breath of life and a new start in its process of screwing us all and (b) we get our wages - if we've got a job - deducted of money at source ( it's called "contributions" )   all to keep the bloody thing going.  And the bourgeoisie perpetuate the myth that its OUR health service and a free gift from them. 

But there is another side to all this.  The hospitals under austerity and cut-backs are so run down, so understaffed, so overworked, that in some cases they can actually represent a danger to health should you be unlucky enough to need  being walled up in one for any length of time.  Bacteria and bugs run amock in the overall uncleanliness of the places (cleaners reduced in numbers and barely paid), the food, which is FREE of course theoretically,  may not be of the most nutritious or appetizing (but if its free what d'you expect, smoked salmon, French fries and a glass of wine?) and dreadful mistakes can be made with the treatment patients get given.  Information about this appears regularly on various news channels in the UK, where indignation about the disgrace of our beloved generous and fetishized health service knows no bounds.  But it usually turns out that whatever's gone wrong is the fault of the people who work in the hospital and not altogether the result of austerity and cutbacks. That austerity and cutbacks take their toll on the abilities of hospital workers,  as on workers everywhere in this benighted  age, doesn't get mentioned.  


I hope this goes some way to answering your question about hospital queues jk, though queues as such have barely been mentioned.  And private hospitals not at all.