Attacks on benefits are attacks on the whole working class

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Attacks on benefits are attacks on the whole working class
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Attacks on benefits are attacks on the whole working class. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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The whole idea of what the bourgeoisie calls "fairness" is a load of idiotic crap.  It isn't fair that you're a millionaire while I'm starving on unemployment handouts. It isn't fair that you've got a job cleaning the streets just because you've got a university degree and I haven't. It isn't fair that you're still young but I'm old and sick. It isn't fair that I got my legs blown of by a bomb in Beirut last week, but you only lost  an eye.  It isn't fair that in capitalist society, specially these days as it falls apart all round us, and  because it can't provide decent living conditions for most of us, makes us all look with a sort of envy at other folk who apparently are not altogether as dissatisfied  with things to quite the extent we are, and in any case seem to be doing a bit better eg. went to Ibiza for a week, while we had a wet day in Clacton. 


Unless youre  a bourgeois,   life isn't worth living under this bloody ridiculous system anyway.  That's what isn't fair.  It isn't fair that we have to go  on suffering the agonies and humiliations that capitalism imposes on us, when we could be living lives of communist self-realization under a different set of values  where the whole stupid idea of fairness and equality, or inequality, and the notion that we should measure our life-satisfaction against the lack of it in other poor miserable exploited buggers, has been long dismissed as childish.  


Neither is it fair that we are compelled to go through all  the hoops of wage negotiations, and pension rights, and disability and even inability handouts  ( have you ever heard such a stupid idea as handouts from a class of scivers who wouldn't even piss on you if you were on fire -  unless you tipped them first of course or promised to pay back later with interest)  all to keep this ludicrously outdated and punitive system of accounting-as-a-way-of-life going for a few more agonizing years.  Why do we go on putting up with it?  To the dustbins with it now! 

I like how the article links

I like how the article links in unemployment with the issues ever worker faces... But why no mention of atos? I like many with entrenched paranoia anxiety depression am scared quite literally to death of these people and tests. The vilification doesn't help and I suspect the mail etc. only want to appear to be fair...

I will be working volunteer for a mental health charity perhaps working on benefits. Obviously that's not communism :D. But I wondered if there's anything specific to bear in mind in working in this field?


EDIT obviously mild depression and avolitional schizophrenia does not equate to communist, but i wonder how much of it is an very much unconscious protest against capital. i'm not saying that these would disappear under communism, but yeah.

EDIT this sort of thing would tho - i think

hello, how are national


how are national newspapers allowed to use the term sponger it means parasite. we need more literature on this.



IMHO this is the real reason the ruling class are pushing so firmly against welfare. it's not just some kind of sadistic fantasy, or a way of dividing the working class to prevent "communism". it's simpy that we're not really needed anymore.


no escape, we will shame you anywhere lol

"Get away from my table, stand over there in the middle, you insolent and shameless beggar, lest you end up in a place more bitter than Egypt or Cyprus."