Hunger in the 'rich world'

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Hunger in the 'rich world'
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Hunger in the 'rich world'. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

food banks and clothing handouts

Why do people have to rely on food banks?  Why haven't they saved enough money on a weekly or monthly basis, and put that saving in a MONEY BANK thus doing away with the need for a FOOD BANK. which is one of the most ridiculous ideas around!  But its all the fault of the nanny state.  Oh! Never mind if you don't have a job, don't worry the state'll look after you. Don't go out and look for a job for gods sake,  don't put yourself out. 


 Queuing up for free food handouts! Have people no shame?  They'll be queuing up for clothing handouts next. Is there no end to the poor and destitute?  Oh I know they're always with us 'the poor' it says that in the bible so it has to be true, doesn't it?  Even in those days they had the poor.  But surely not like now: with no shame and no desire to hide away.  No proper sense of embarrassment.  Just grab grab grab, and anything for free.  Now they're even talking about doing away with school uniforms, because parents can't afford them.  What ever next!  Surely they're not going to allow kids to go to school dressed in their filthy everyday clothes. All those ghastly hoodies and things.  I dread to think how they must smell.  After all, there's nothing like a smart uniform is there, with everybody looking the same, like in the army, and with some proper discipline too.  Because, finally, that's what's missing, isn't it? Discipline. And a sense of where you belong in a properly disciplined society. But those ideas disappeared in the 'sixties with all those drugs and music. But at least people were clean in those days and didn't expect free food, apart from dropouts  and people hiding from Vietnam and  the army. But Food Banks!  They'll want free beer next.  

They should  pay the police more, that'd be a start. 

Here's a really good

Here's a really good documentary on the adorable is the little girl with the glasses from California!! So friggin smart too...

The children going hungry in America -BBC report

They're not just going hungry

They're not just going hungry in America Jamal  but all over the world.  When I looked at your link I found that there  are seemingly endless videos detailing  the awful plight of children the world over. Barefoot in Japan and so on. Not just barefoot in India where we've grown to expect and accept it. Kids just dumped and abandoned on the streets.  Perhaps the BBC prefers to present children hungry in America, as in your link,  to avoid having to present similar children hungry and generally treated like so many lumps of shit in the UK.  Or perhaps they want somehow  to justify the UK's miserable record in the   treatment of children (and people in general as a matter of fact) by suggesting that America is worse  because "richer".  The argument runs: if it can happen in the USA then that somehow justifies it happening in the not-so-rich and tiny UK. Though the tiny UK gets a hard-on when it comes to throwing its weight around over Syria, Libya, Gibralter and the Falklands and anywhere else where its increasingly power-starved bourgeoisie feels that its absurd nose is getting pushed out of joint; or that their  seat "at the top table" is under scrutiny.  And then there's the awful and well-kept secret that our crazed rulers can't afford a decent war anymore, and that the the population is queasy in any case about  all the killing and mayhem our crazed rulers seem to pursue as a noble goal.  God how loathsome they can be!