"Raped by State"

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"Raped by State"
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: "Raped by State". The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

domestic extremism

"Nothing is too sacred to be ground under the heel of the state," writes Phil. He gives the example of a 69 year old GP who campaigned against having dust dumped into a nearby lake and ran foul of the state and its snoopers. Is he a danger to society, some sort of arm chair terrorist waiting to attack? A creepingly evil growth on the purity on the unchallengeable  and moral correctness of the bourgeois state?   Such  a dangerous man, our GP, a potential "domestic extremist". Why is he not  put under rendition at once, to save any future trouble? 


[quote] In 1999 the NPOI was set up to coordinate and organise nationwide networks of undercover operations and surveillance, The NPOI broadened its remit to include “campaigners against war, nuclear weapons, racism, genetically modified crops, globalization, tax evasion, airport expansion and asylum law, as well as those calling for reform of prisons and peace in the Middle East”, all of which are now defined as 'domestic extremists."/quote].



What a fascinating list this is.  "Calling for peace in the Middle East?"  Is that extremism?  Well, perhaps it is. An extreme kind of foolishness bordering on madness!  It's rather  like calling on the bourgeoisie to abandon their passion for profit and war.   A total waste of time. And what about other dangerous extremists like cat lovers, stamp collectors, and those who like to listen to Bach?  Are not these, seemingly tame and harmless idiots, the real and present danger to the state?  You never know. Beware! 



With the bourgeoisie now hanging on for grim life by its finger nails, their world gets crazier and more loathsome by the minute. 

As of this moment why have

As of this moment why have  424 people read, or at least visited, my post above, but only 75 readers have tried Phil's very good, short and interesting article.  I think articles are better than posts, I only posted to try and draw attention to Phil's work.