Tunisia, Egypt: the dead end of the ‘Arab revolution’

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Tunisia, Egypt: the dead end of the ‘Arab revolution’
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Tunisia, Egypt: the dead end of the ‘Arab revolution’. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

"The people want another revolution..."

Wilma wrote:
“The people want another revolution” cried the young unemployed in Siliana. But if by ‘revolution’ you mean just changing the government or the regime, while waiting to be devoured alive by the next bunch in power, or if you focus merely on street battles against this or that bourgeois faction, when you are disorganised in the face of professional killers armed by the big powers, you are only preparing your own suicide.

This paragraph should be a leaflet and pinned up in all mosques, markets and public places all over N.Africa and elsewhere too! And painted on the sides of buildings overlooking Tahrir Square. Why? Because it is tantalising and doesnt reveal the only solution available to humanity ie the self -organization of the working class and the class realization that the root of all trouble, the root of all the evils ruining life on this planet, is capitalism.

It challenges the false concept, the bourgeois merely ideological idea of "revolution": and the stupidity of thinking that one looney bunch of bourgeois murderers could ever be preferable to some other - even the Muslim bourgeoisie, the so-called Brotherhood. For god's sake, choose your brothers carefully and look at the Taliban!

So why is it a good paragraph? Because it demands that workers think for themselves and work out the need for a genuine working class revolution together and on their own working class terms. Wouldn't it be nice if workers in N.Africa didn't have to wait for a push from their comrades in Europe after all? But if they must, let's hope it's not a long wait.

mhou wrote:Reports have come

mhou wrote:
Reports have come out that
Reports have come out that the textile workers in Mahalla have been engaging in an escalating series of mass strikes since 2006- this started with demands, followed by ejecting union leaders (including at the least 1 hospitalization of a union official who tried to stop one of the strikes), since the fall of Mubarak they have thrown out all of the new 'democratic' local politicians from the Muslim Brotherhood and the 'official' Opposition parties and occupied the city council building, re-formed their revolutionary council from the Arab Spring revolt and declared themselves autonomous from the Muslim Brotherhood state. The events in Port Said are similarly exciting. Some blogs and websites are already calling it a soviet- I wouldn't go that far (with the available reports in English from places like the BBC), but I think the various reports, taken together, demonstrate an escalating cycle of struggle that has been growing and deepening for 7 years.

It would seem a near textbook example, in these times, for the subterranean maturation of consciousness (the way the events in Poland in 1980-1981 sparked the development of the theory).

Perhaps the workers in Egypt at least, have decided no need to wait for Europe.