Winterbourne View, Mid Staffs: All the ‘compassion’ capitalism affords

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Winterbourne View, Mid Staffs: All the ‘compassion’ capitalism affords
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Winterbourne View, Mid Staffs: All the ‘compassion’ capitalism affords. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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Some bureaucrat said: nurses

Some bureaucrat said: nurses who don't care should resign. But you can only go on working in the social services if you don't care, or can kid yourself that you don't. Nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, and anybody whose job involves caring about something, or taking what they're doing seriously, soon discovers the unbearability of caring but not having the funds available, or the resources, or support backup to bring the caring professional side into actual satisfactory practice. Wanting to care for people, or take a caring job seriously in this underfunded ram-shackle society, is tantamount to engaging in a self-destructive pursuit. And when you finally implode, the bourgeoisie - if anybody notices at all - will just conclude you weren't up to the job; or didn't care enough! And then either you won't be replaced, meaning another diminution of the "caring society", or they'll find somebody cheaper to do the job, probably with less professional know-how. Because, in the end, they dont give a fuck about anything, and their crocodile tears soon dry off, once they've managed to blame you. And so it goes on.

When doctors, nurses and care workers are unable to show appropriate compassion this is most often the result of the conditions they are working in, whether through lack of resources to make their compassion count, or the destruction of their normal compassion by years of working in a system characterised by daily banal and bureaucratic inhumanity.

The same is true of education workers who also can no longer afford compassion if they are to remain sane. And, as to "a system characterized by daily banal and bureaucratic inhumanity" Well! Doesn't this apply to anyone who has a job these days? Doesn't it apply to those who don't have a job too? In fact it applies to more or less everything in decomposing capitalism, where alienation has become routine, and we're all on the brink.