Greece: Curing the economy kills the sick

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Greece: Curing the economy kills the sick
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Greece: Curing the economy kills the sick. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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Dionis wrote: Today

Dionis wrote:
Today disposable gloves and disposable surgical instruments are current practice in modern medicine. But while in the 19th century ignorance was a plausible explanation for the high mortality in hospitals, the dangers which are becoming transparent in the hospitals in Greece today are not a manifestation of ignorance but an expression of the threat against the survival of humanity coming from a totally obsolete, bankrupt system of production.

Children raiding the dustbins for food - and not just the children of the traditional and thus accepted poor, but those newly impoverished by a system they formerly believed in; pregnant women looking for somewhere decent to lay down and give birth in a dearth of hospital care (what a marvelous introduction to capitalist life for the new born, if they survive;) old men committing suicide to avoid becoming debt burdens on their families - no such embarrassment about debt among "rich" governments, the class of bankers, or the stock exchange wizards; for whom debt and wealth seem inextricably mixed in a confusion of capitalist jiggery-pokery, the whole world turned into a casino (what fun! lol); all this is the triumphant achievement of the modern bourgeoisie and how proud they must be! They haven't managed to bring this exciting state of affairs into being in all countries as yet, but they're working on it. You may find it in a State near you next week; keep your eyes open!

Oh! And if you think that all this is happening by accident, or as a result of just plain and happy ignorance, as in the Dickensian 19th. Century, which wasn't just fiction by the way, then think again. This de-civilizing process is all the result of a rotting and stinking system called capitalism. Its decaying on its feet. It has no justifications left to continue existing and the working class should get rid of it before it poisons us all. Some government minister somewhere recently pompously said: "we need strivers not shirkers for the good of society and it's perpetuation" and he's right. We should all be striving to get rid of this sham of a society called capital, and striving to replace it with communism. Workers unite!