Attacks on Benefits - Once again, workers pay for the crisis!

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Attacks on Benefits - Once again, workers pay for the crisis!
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Attacks on Benefits - Once again, workers pay for the crisis!. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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Melmoth wrote:If the working

Melmoth wrote:
If the working class is to mount any resistance to this offensive, it must reject out of hand all attempts to make it feel responsible for the crisis of capitalism, and all the nauseating campaigns about shirkers and strivers, which are aimed at dividing the working class. Unemployment and poverty are the product of capitalism in crisis and the working class can only defend itself by developing its unity in the struggle against this system.

Curiously enough, I have a feeling that the bourgeoisie are doing some of our donkey work for us. In trying to blame the idle working class and it's eternal scroungers for the crisis, they not only focus attention on it's very nature - that the crisis is somehow directly connected with wage labour and the need to have at least some portion of the working class actually being screwed in full-time work - but I suspect their overdone campaigns about the eternal blissfulness of the unemployed (who, of course, are unemployed by choice; just for the pleasure of scrounging halfpennies off the begrudging but ever benevolent rich) they are starting to make people think and question long taken-for-granted assumptions about the very nature of the society we live in; it's obsessions with money and work; it's inability now to to satisfy the very obsessions it has taken such trouble to create and to provide money and work for an increasing majority; and some how I even suspect that they, the bourgeoisie, are achieving through their crisis something totally new in society. This is the raising of the issue so beloved by teenagers: the "what is the purpose of life" issue. What are we doing here; is it pleasurable; couldn't it (easily!) be better? But now this question of humanity's existence and purpose is not just one for starry eyed adolescents; the bourgeoisie's massive failure, and their inability to hide it, and passion to blame the working class for it, with interminable but dead-end discussion of it (cf. Fox News) is doing wonders for working class consciousness and slow but increasing grasp of the issues - the final end-of-days issues facing us all - in a way that hasn't happened like this before. It isn't just a matter anymore of striking for more money; or electing the right government; or taking over the running of society without a total re-think of how it'll be; or just wanting to terminate a terrible war as in 1917. Because now, all the old habits of life are falling apart ( have already fallen apart you might say!) and so we're left with nothing to struggle against because, in this new era - so different from 1917 when this understanding was more difficult to grasp - today our struggle is for consciousness and the struggle is to bring into existence something new and previously unthought of. This is why it is so difficult to struggle. Because we're not merely struggling AGAINST something anymore - capitalism is old junk now - but starting to struggle to define and bring into existence a whole new life; new and intelligent reasons for being; and an existence fit for humans not slaves, and the chance for the realization of human potential. Will we actually be capable of doing this? It's a mammoth task. But that we can talk about it at all, is something. That the talk is no longer confined to famous leaders as in the 2nd. International and it's aftermath; and that a generation of militants with a more proletarian grasp of the task at hand is now making it's presence known on the planet, and under no illusions that in any way it wishes to "copy" the bourgeoisie, is good and hopeful. But now the very word STRUGGLE has acquired a new dimension and a new meaning.