Forum topic: Re-election of President Obama: The Bourgeoisie Prepares to Enact Austerity

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Forum topic: Re-election of President Obama: The Bourgeoisie Prepares to Enact Austerity
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Re-election of President Obama: The Bourgeoisie Prepares to Enact Austerity. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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Given the seemingly long

Given the seemingly long years during which campaigning for this electoral masquerade have been going on; given the amounts of money spent, if not just wasted on ineffective adverts that changed few voters; given the long and generally extremely boring tv coverage lavished on the event, and the analysis in detail by struggling specialists, hard put to find much to say though studying closely every word uttered by the lying candidates, whose economic fantasies changed with the weather; it was finally and devastatingly amazing that Obama was just simply re-elected, just like that, rather than a troupe of visiting angels or talking monkeys materializing from nowhere to occupy the White House in oriental splendor. What a let down! What a boring disappointment! Was it worth all the effort, this pointless exercise in bourgeois democracy? This giant HOO-HAA to elect into office ONE PERSON who is supposed to be capable not just of running the whole of the United States on his own, but more or less the whole world too. Bourgeois democracy is total idiocy and no democracy at all; it's just a gang of chatterers who think they exercise some control over the economy, though there's no evidence at all now for this conceit, and thus over all the State rigmarole that arises on it's crumbling infra-structure. Yet they couldn't even organize a collection of sandbags to defend against super-storm Sandy, or lift a finger to defend populations from his merciless wrath.

So what did we learn from this presidential election. Did the democrats slaughter the republicans after all? Did Hollywood Obama trounce the dumpy Mitt? Did the socialist-Moslem of no fixed country, trounce the millionaire and pallid business man of uncertain religion? Henk writes:

"... it is first necessary to address the issue of the alleged electoral “trouncing.” It is true that Obama won by a large margin in the Electoral College, but only in the context of recent American politics can a 51 to 48 percent margin in the popular vote be considered a “landslide.” On this level, the election results only seem to confirm the reality that the United States is a deeply divided country. The population is so sharply divided
that even month after month of relentless campaign propaganda painting Romney as a greedy vulture capitalist and Obama as an un-American socialist barely moved the final election tallies from 2008, when Obama bested McCain by 53 to 46 percent. So hardened have the ideological lines in society become that the challenge of building a national narrative is more severe than ever."

The working class however, has no interest in building a national narrative or being sharply divided by warring factions of the bourgeoisie's so-called democracies. We have our own agenda. We must realize this and move to put it into practise.

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