Forum topic: 'Super storm' Sandy: The Wrath of Mother Nature or the Irrationality of the Ruling Class?

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Forum topic: 'Super storm' Sandy: The Wrath of Mother Nature or the Irrationality of the Ruling Class?
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: 'Super storm' Sandy: The Wrath of Mother Nature or the Irrationality of the Ruling Class?. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

The bourgeoisie are unfit to

The bourgeoisie are unfit to rule, and are increasingly exposed as incapable of even trying. Their house is falling down; their cities crumbling and threatened by the ocean; their pitiful economic system so diminished they can hardly scrape together a few sandbags to block a breach in a sea wall; and while the wind spreads fires in New York, resulting from ancient and broken down gas delivery systems, all they can do is watch and wring their hands. They are impotent before nature - whose wrath they have encouraged by their dependence on fossil fuels - just as they are impotent before the disintegration of their decrepit economic system, still reliant for its success on out-moded exploitation at this late time in history, and quite inadequate for the world we live in now. A world which they deliberately destroy in their lust for profit.

How childish is this class of the modern bourgeoisie, their high-tech achievements and abilities reduced to money-making and weapons of war: concerns for humanity and the planet pushed aside as the pursuit of selfish individualism and greed take pride of place in their thoughts. How ashamed they would be if they could see themselves as we see them! How stupid they appear as they cling to their old-fashioned power, incapable now of using it for any good in any situation. When will we finally see the need to tell them enough is enough? Will it be soon?

Ana's article sums it all up for us in the analysis of Sandy and this storm's exposure of bourgeois limitations. Ana asks: "What is the perspective for the future of the planet and the human species under the rule of a social class that shows no regard for the safety and well being of the classes it exploits? If the future under capitalism has nothing more to offer other than more environmental destruction and greater threats to the survival of the human species, what needs to be done?  What alternatives for the construction of a different, new world?  Because it has no particular economic interests to protect and no position of power to maintain and defend in capitalist society, the working class and its revolutionary minorities are the only social forces who can give answers that are stripped of ideological mystifications and that aim at searching for the truth."

The truth is that we must see the bourgeoisie and their way of life - or increasingly as it is becoming THEIR WAY OF DEATH - as a thing we can tolerate no more. It is time to overthrow capitalism.


Agree with Fred's comments. Furthermore, the strength of this article is that it avoids the 'scientific' speculation about the root causes of climate change and instead hones in on what is essential: the social relation blocking humanity's ability to adapt to and overcome this evolution in the planet's circumstances. 

The relations of production

The relations of production render us, the working class, subservient; but they also condemn the bourgeoisie to a permanent immaturity both in the social world - they are unable to break out of imprisoning and competing individualism - and intellectually too. Intellectually because their thought processes are inhibited by the economy and it's limitations, and their inability to reap the benefits of human solidarity reduce then finally to a form of impotence, expressed largely in violence.

That's what I meant above, by saying the bourgeoisie is childish. And so the slave is smarter than the master. As KT and Ana say: humanity is blocked by this outmoded social relationship.