Suffer little children... Capitalism is the biggest child abuser

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Suffer little children... Capitalism is the biggest child abuser
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Suffer little children... Capitalism is the biggest child abuser. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

A man in his 'forties now,

A man in his 'forties now, was interviewed on Sky tv about his invaluable education and initiation into life at the hands of some care-home for kids in Wrexham. An important item of this preparation for life, when he and other boys cosseted at the home were twelve, was to be taken for long weekends up to London, there to be further cosseted at the hands of posh people - his word - given alcohol, cigarettes and possibly other drugs, he wasn't sure, prior to being used as sexual gratification for the posh people in their very posh flats with lots of rooms. The gratified posh were older men in their sixties - but what does a boy of twelve know about people's ages if they're no longer clearly young people? The interviewer gaining details of all this horror guessed they were "establishment" folk, else why were they so posh? Are the bourgeoisie all posh? I guess they must be.

Listening to this still youngish man describing his abuse was made more sickening by the fact that he didn't seem angry, seemed almost to think that somehow he and the other boys sort of deserved what happened to them by virtue of their being in care homes in the first place, where it was also a regular experience, as if being officially deprived meant you have to put up with everything that comes along, without complaint, and that's your lot. He even remembered pleasure at being taken to London for long weekends, seeing the sites, being treated as an adult (cigarettes and whisky) and then well....abuse! He gave no details of this, but said there were things you could do inside your head - like thinking about other things - while your
abuser amused himself.

Is this what decadence comes down to; the exploitation of the defenseless? A crazy abuse of power in which sadism comes to the fore, and the quiescent submission of the child victims provides the buzz?

It's time to get rid of capitalism and the bourgeoisie. They have long outstayed their welcome. And baboon's article is excellent.

shock horror stories

It was revealed on Sky news last night that Jimmy Saville even abused  the dead  in the various mortuaries to which he was given open access.  (How marvelous to be a "celebrity" you can gain free access even to the deceased.   How lucky some folk are! ) 

Once  again  profuse apologies were available in the House of a Commons  and from spokespersons elsewhere who revealed the growing and amazing catalogue of those abused by crazy Jimmy.  who must have been completely mad  not just bizarre in appearance and public behaviour.  

Perhaps guide lines should be drawn up about what constitutes truly comic behaviour and what is in fact phony comedy  designed to disguise sinister behaviour and intent.  PM Cameron could set up a committee to look into it now that he and most but not all of his friends have  been found "not guilty" of phone hacking crimes, and all the associated corruption that goes with it which is really just a part now of everyday life under capitalism, like war and terror, and really we shouldn't bother ourselves about it.  

But somebody who was a Broadmoor inmate from the late sixties till the middle eighties was also interviewed  on the tv last night about sad  Jimmy  and came out with a whole series of horror stories about  Broadmoor itself  and the peculiar  activities of some of those who ran the place, such as to make pathetic Jimmy's activities appear more or less normal.  Perhaps that's how he got away with it for all those years.  It wasn't just him, it was everybody else too. Or at least a number of those who had the chance and couldn't resist.  

 And after all, children in care, or psychologically disturbed people "in care" (lol) really  ask for all they get don't they  simply by being in custody so to speak. They become available as victims.  Like being in prison in Saudi Arabia or somewhere,  where you might wait years for a trial, and be submitted to endless brutality and abuse while waiting as part of your punishment even though not yet found guilty.     Well people in care are a little like that aren't they?  They're official victim's at the mercy of capitalism's darkest and most sadistic  side and can't do anything about it. Like human sacrifices in Aztec society, or the Jews in Auschwitz.  Somebody has to pay the price for the awfulness of life in capitalist society:  somebody has to be the victim.

This is also true today of those who find themselves in hospitals. By being sick  and in medical custody they become available for abuse by the overworked and worn out staff who may not feed, treat or clean them properly and can even be drawn towards punitive behaviour of patients like bad food, restricting access to tv, public rebukes,  and punitive control of sanitary facilities, withdrawal of bed pans and so on. 

So while it is  true that child abuse and Jimmy Saville stories are shocking "News of the World" type head line grabbers they're really only the tip of a giant iceberg of shock-horror stories, the product of decomposing capital. In fact, you might argue that by focussing on particular selected events and personalities, the media serves to hide the enormous and real extent of capitalism's crimes, and the massive amount of human misery and suffering that takes place under its official auspices.  What a pity Leverson didn't point that out! But at least Leverson has served to get Cameron off the hook, and that's all that matters isn't it? 

BBC lies

Not as serious as the institutionalised child abuse at the BBC, but indicative of its general ideological bent, is the resurrected lie of the "Celtic" peoples, a people or culture which never existed.

A few years ago on the BBC was a short weekly series called "A history of ancient Britain". It was very good and informative showing the transition from hunter-gatherers to Neolithic temple builders and farmers united in social organisation and spiritual belief. The episode, introduced by the historian Neil Oliver, looked at Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England over a period of some thousands of years and didn't mention the word "Celtic" once. It mentioned "peoples", population movements, social movements but never the word "Celtic" because that word is historically inaccurate.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago and Oliver again was fronting a similar programme looking at Europe and Britain at the same time in which he seemed to be trying to get the word "Celtic" as many times as possible in a sentence  - and it went on throughout the programme. I'd say that perversion of history by a historian who was previously quite clear about developments came via the BBC through Scottish nationalism. The "Celts" have been conjured up for this purpose.


I'm not surprised about this sort of distortion but it's worth pointing it out particularly on the day that the BBC hypocritically weeps for the Hillsborough victims when at the time it was part of the lying machine and the subsequent cover up.


Victory may be too strong a word, but the final vindication of the persistence of working class people  over a period of  27 years in seeking a realistic verdict for comrades, friends and relatives, many very young, brutally killed and injured  at Hillsborough - and the clarification by a court that it wasn't the assumed idiotic-working-class-crazed-football-fan-behaviour that caused the disaster but essentially the stupidity of the police  and other petty-bourgeois lapdog  lick spittle officials of the ruling class who get off on throwing  their pompous  weight around at large gatherings of workers - brings its own long  overdue satisfaction. And the honest satisfaction was writ large on the faces of those friends, relatives and comrades  who have belligerently sought  the truth these long years. 

Sky News interviewed many of those who'd struggled to establish the facts as they left the courtroom  after the verdict.  But, unlike the BBC, Sky News seemed ashamed and bewildered that the verdict had gone against the bourgeoisie and exposed  it's petty officialdom, lack of interest in workers' lives along with no regard for truth and openness, and  appeared shy and almost cringing of even daring to interview working people of such modest unpretentious bearing even at a time when those of a bourgeois inclination  would have been crowing and showing off about their victory. But these working people carried their final justification  off with quiet  dignity and just the relaxed satisfaction of a job well done.

For the moment Sky News seemed humbled as well it might.  


The contempt shown to the

The contempt shown to the working class during and after Hillsborough by South Yorkshire police came from the latter's elevation by the state into a paramilitary force in order to confront the miners. Legal nicities went out of the window as this force, which worked closely with the secret services, went on the rampage and was well rewarded for its role in the defeat of the miners. It must have felt all-powerful in the wake of the manslaughter that it provoked at Hillsborough and the whole of the state, not just the Sun, stood by it, covered it up and continued to abuse the fans.

One can well understand the feelings of the families of the dead and injured (there was a lot of very serious injuries) for retribution and no-one would shed a tear if individuals got some grief themselves. But it's clear that the whole state was involved: the political parties, the F.A., the NHS and the media, along with the police and other security services. Andy Burnham, Labour Shadow Home Secretary, who was heckled and booed into silence at Anfield by Liverpudlians a couple of years ago, is now expressing his distaste for things that he has known for certain for years.

Whatever happens the elements of dignity and solidarity shown by the people of Liverpool, and beyond, is to be applauded. But the whole of the capitalist state stands condemned.