Massive mobilisations in Spain, Mexico, Italy, India: The union barrier against self-organisation and unification of struggles

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Massive mobilisations in Spain, Mexico, Italy, India: The union barrier against self-organisation and unification of struggles
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Massive mobilisations in Spain, Mexico, Italy, India: The union barrier against self-organisation and unification of struggles. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

As a practical analysis of

As a practical analysis of 'the thousand agonizing dilemmas' which face isolated, individual workers in this society, it would be difficult to make a better start than this article. The 'lying schema' of bourgeois ideology, which tells us we're all free individuals making our own free individual decisions, is elaborated. As the writer says: we tread on 'booby trapped ground,' and this is the terrain on which we have to fight. Capitalist society is a treacherous and "a complex network of alienated relationships." This is illustrated as follows.

"The strike is another the thousand agonising dilemmas that life imposes on us in this society and to which we must respond alone in the greatest distress: must I accept this work? Must I profit from this occasion? Must I buy this object...Who should I vote for? Should I go on strike? From these dilemmas we come out with the feeling of being still more alienated... Everyone confronts agonising questions: should I strike knowing we will get nothing? Am I letting down my comrades who are on strike? Can I afford the luxury of losing a day’s pay? Will I lose my job? The workers are caught between a rock and a hard place: on one side the unions, who try to make those that don’t take part feel guilty, on the other the bosses, who make all sorts of threats. It’s a real nightmare of confrontations, of divisions and tensions between workers..."

This is well said is it not? Do we not we all understand from experience this kind of appalling predicament? But how to get over this? On another thread someone said that you can't really go on fighting if your job's under threat and you are a responsible worker with mouths to feed! Someone else replied: we all have mouths to feed, but do we have to wait till we can no longer feed them before we start to fight back? This is the nightmare of the situation today is it not? So how to get over this?

The complexities involved in the proletarian revolution begin to be more exposed as we go through this long period of waiting, of maturation of consciousness, and as capitalism teeters on the brink. We can't just have a mass strike internationally next week, the revolution the week after, and a ready-made communist society setup and running fully the week after that. Massive thought and consideration is required by all of us workers and exploited, not just in challenging the austerity needed to keep capitalism going a little longer, but to achieve a real in-depth understanding of what it really is that we're involved in at this moment in history, and the task that faces us. We stand at a key point in the continuing evolution of our species, and the decision as to whether we move forward or not lies in the hands of the working class. It's almost ludicrous. The most over-worked, down-trodden, abused, uneducated and seemingly hopeless people on the planet, are expected to save both it and the whole of suffering humanity from a fate worse than death ie barbarism! But this is what we have to understand. It's overpowering and wonderfully invigorating. And we could do it! This article knows we can do it and sees how to do it too, and indicates the various starting points around the world.

We have nothing to lose. And, as Marx somewhat enigmatically explained: the "real intellectual richness" of the individual depends on the "richness of real relationships!" And that of course is found in the solidarity of working class consciousness. What a terrific article this is.