Notes on the Mass Strike

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Notes on the Mass Strike
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Notes on the Mass Strike. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

make or break?

This cheering heartwarming article was presumably written in 1980 not in 2009? Is what it says still true? Does the ICC still stand by what it says?For the ICC 1980 was the beginning of the years of truth, which decade ended with the death of communism. This was certainly a truth in itself, if not exactly what the ICC had in mind. But, twenty years later, the removal of false, phony bourgeois communism can only be a welcome clarification for us all. Similarly, the previously well-disguised crisis of the bourgeoisie, hidden by debt, cleverly defended against the working class by the unions and, in Poland, the church as well, this crisis is now a bleeding open wound for all to see. Now of course we are faced with the decomposition of the system, and we haven't had many mass strikes for some time, though we have had the Occupiers and the Indignados. However we still await the proletarian lead. We may not exactly be on the brink of more years of truth - though who can say?- but we certainly seem to be at the edge of "make or break" as far as the future of humanity and our existence on this badly treated planet are concerned.
Time runs out. Are we going to make it or not?

There's another "heart

There's another "heart warming and cheering"article elsewhere on this site, called "Massive Mobilisations in Spain, Mexico..." etc to which it seems impossible to attach a post! I am now 3 times rejected and DELETED. Unlike the above, the latter article was written this year, and sort of takes up where the above - and the years of truth, which ended so disastrously for workers and their revolutionary organizations - left off. It is a less militant article, more mature I suppose, lessons learned and so on, but is nevertheless optimistic in tone, and has serious things to say about the way workers in discussion develop their thoughts and ideas in a mutually helpful fashion, and the way in which they are able to challenge the alienation of the bourgeois streets - all lonely crowds and almost a sort of locked-in syndrome, whereby "privacy", so sanctified by our rulers, becomes itself a prison - and take over the said streets and use them for their own educational purposes. (Is 'educational' the right word here? I'm talking in fact about the development of class consciouness.). There are a number of good things here, including this. "The crisis, which has already lasted five years and threatens to break out in new convulsions, little by little dispels illusions about “light at the end of the tunnel”, and reveals in its turn a profound preoccupation about the future. The growing bankruptcy of the social system becomes more and more evident, with everything that this implies about living conditions, human relations, thought, culture... Whereas during periods when the crisis wasn’t so sharp, the workers seemed to be able to follow a road mapped out in advance, despite the often terrible sufferings that go along with exploitation, this road is progressively disappearing. And this dynamic is today worldwide."

It's true there may be no end of tunnel light for the bourgeoisie, whose crisis appears massive but solutions none at all, but for the working class is this not providing us with an opportunity to develop our resources in preparation for a new and maybe decisive battle with our exploiters? The article, between the lines, appears to think so. It doesn't ring with the exuberant confidence of the 1980's "Mass strike" piece above, but it has a certain mature down-beat sort of conviction that matters are moving in a positive direction, and that somewhere, deep down, class consciousness is on the move in various ways, in many different places internationally, and that this thoughtful maturation is something we have not perhaps witnessed for maybe a century - though the article does not say this! As the quote above says, the road ahead for workers "does not appear mapped out in advance" anymore, as it may have appeared in the past, (is this the eighties again!) but tbe future is still there for the taking, despite the defeats of the eighties and the bourgeois triumph of communisms's death, and we have to start all over again, but wiser and with new recruits, and maybe with clearer heads AS IN THIS ARTICLE, which I like so much.

cannot open new thread

Why is it impossible to post a comment on this article linked below? In the last week Ive tried 4 times. All rejected!

Should work now

Hi Fred. I was able to recreate the above problem with starting a new thread. It was a technical problem because the article's title was longer than the 128 characters allowed for a new thread title. I hacked off some of the article title and it should now work. Let me know how it goes. :) B.