You can’t fight austerity through elections!

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You can’t fight austerity through elections!
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: You can’t fight austerity through elections!. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

"For the working class it’s

"For the working class it’s only through the mass organisation of its struggles that anything can be achieved. The election game is played entirely on the bourgeoisie’s terms, but workers still troop into the polling stations (if in decreasing numbers) because they still have widespread illusions in what could be achieved...There has been no ‘revolt’ across Europe expressed in these elections, although there is definitely a lot of anger which has been impotently misdirected into the various democratic mechanisms."

Might not WR, or the ICC, have uttered words like this 35 years ago? More or less? Are not the ICC, and ICT, and maybe others, the most admirable and patient proletarian organizations on the planet? They reliably repeat the truth about the situation in which we all find ourselves. They have a startling clarity about it. The bourgeoisie has no way out of the crisis. The working class has to mobilize massively to develop it's consciousness and pose the solution: world revolution. Failure means that decomposition swallows the world. End game!

How has the ICC been able to keep this proletarian critique going for so long without falling into despair, while simultaneously struggling with schisms and tearings asunder of itself on a heart breaking scale? It beggars belief! True, capitalism is struggling for life. It's plain to see. But where is the essential working class international response, that would indicate any real possibility of revolution, and inspire anyone with hope? I suppose real marxists aren't supposed to muck about with anything as personal as hope, but how d'you keep going if you have none or it starts failing?

In the meantime I wait for your next batch of articles due I suppose in September. What else is there?

If I could erase the above

If I could erase the above negative comment, of which I am now ashamed, I would. I apologize to WR and the ICC for trying to involve them in my own personal misery.