Workers burning to death as India shines

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Workers burning to death as India shines
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Workers burning to death as India shines. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

India and China both shine

India and China both shine brightly as dazzling stars newly evolved in the capitalist firmament. Maybe their dazzling brightness is enhanced by the fact that the capitalist firmament is itself rapidly dimming, as the stars of the struggling economies in the homelands of the system begin to die and burn out. But where does all the seeming energy and bright vitality of these new Eastern stars come from? Why from the exploited working class of course, where else. It is the energy and labour power of workers, tirelessly consumed in the production of light for these stars, which is the drive behind the system. And it isn't only the energy and labour power of the workers which is consumed. Sometimes it's their very physical bodies; consumed by fire as so often happens in shining India so it seems; or consumed by the never-ending " industrial accidents" of China; and all the other worker-consuming cataclysms, to be found in immense variety around a capitalist globe bent on the production of profit no matter at what human cost.

This article, so sad and gentle in its understanding of the cost of profit to the working class, has this to say. "This is the life blood of the capitalist system. This is the cause behind outsourcing, setting up of so many call centers, industrial units by capitalist corporations of the heartland of capital in China and India, and the immense attraction of India and China for capital from the developed countries. This is the real story behind the continuous uproar of ‘India Shining' and becoming a global power. This is also the reality behind the success of China. Workers are frequently being thrown into workplace infernos and dying in work related accidents and diseases solely because of this. According to a recent report in The Statesman one person in shining India dies of Tuberculosis every minute. The goal of more profit and capturing more markets is totally antagonistic to creating good working and living conditions and adequate safety measures for the working class."

So what is the "THIS" referred to so eloquently by the writer above? Why it's none other than the sole objective of the capitalist mode of production: cheap labour power and cheaper (thus infinitely more dangerous) working conditions.

Thus does capitalism sustain itself and staggers on in it's dying hours. Its shining stars may continue to burn up the working class for years to come. But surely its day of reckoning is already looming over the horizon like a rising sun?