Solidarity with the oil workers of Kazakhstan in the face of state repression

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Solidarity with the oil workers of Kazakhstan in the face of state repression
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Solidarity with the oil workers of Kazakhstan in the face of state repression. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

If anyone wants to know what

If anyone wants to know what at least one branch of barbarity looks like - in this case it's the barbarity of tbe bourgeoisie in their treatment of striking workers - then read this remarkably vivid account. It is horrific. Workers in the oil industry in Kazakhstan are routinely exploited, as are workers everywhere: it is our vocation under capitalism. In Kazakhstan though, it appears a particularly savage and brutal exploitation, stemming as it does from a well-established historical tradition in the cruel and punishing art of screwing workers i.e. Stalinism.

But should you happen to be a worker in such a warned. Do not even try to stick up for your rights, and definitely do not strike! To do so will only bring down all the powers of hell on you and your family's heads. You will be beaten unmercifully. You can go on hunger strike, you can throw petrol over your body in desperation, and threaten to burn to death; but you will only be beaten harder and forceably starved in reply. In Kazakhstan the bourgeoisie knows what workers are there for, and how to repress and maintain them in a position for increased exploitation. You will not escape.

Yet, despite all this barbarism perpetrated by the bourgeoisie, the workers fought on. What did they gain? Some sort of "free" Trades Union organization...? A poor reward and a new prison. But there must surely be other gains too. The dawning realization that the struggle of workers in Kazakhstan is the same struggle as that of workers everywhere. That only by extending the fight beyond the bounds of single industries, or beyond the borders of individual countries, and only through self-organization, can the working class at last begin to escape bourgeois terror and the crippling fetters of it's condition; which fetters alone make even starting to fight seem an awesome and impossible task.

But the workers in Kazakhstan point tbe way forward, and as Svetlana indicates they are part of a widening wave of struggles across the globe. Workers unite!

The internecine battles of

The internecine battles of the bourgeoisie dominate their media outlets. Do they honestly believe this works in their favor? Do they honestly think we appreciate their armed gangs bombarding each other whilst murdering innocents, and all this displayed daily on the tv news, the wounds of the slaughtered discreetly covered as if this visual confirmation of bourgeois barbarity is all we need to be protected from? Do they think we don't know about their obsession with all forms of terrorism, their thuggery in pursuit of drug profiteering, their maniacal pursuit of newer and deadlier armaments and their constant lust towards full-out imperial war? We would have to be blind and deaf not to know, as all this dominates their media continually, almost as if they're proud of it! Or is it that we are meant to be terrified, revolted and repressed by it? For do they fear a proletarian response?

It is likely they do fear this, for there appears a media blackout on proletarian response. The bourgeoisie prefers us to be ignorant of anything that smacks of working class fight back, or of anything that looks like class war. And is not this what happened in the case of Kazakhstan, where the oil workers achieved a massive solidarity among themselves and for a time did engage in war against the bourgeois state? They were of course unmercifully defeated. But they can rise again one day, and hope to extend their fight. The point to make here however, is the way in which news of their struggles was prevented from a wide dissemination.

"As always when it comes to the proletarian class struggle, the big western media have for the most part kept silent about this episode. They are even quieter when it comes to hiding the complicity of the western bourgeoisies in the crimes committed against the exploited. The Nazarbayev clique only had its way thanks to the complicity and tacit support of the bourgeoisie from great powers like France, Germany, Russia and China, with whom it maintains very good relations. Several western states are deeply involved in key sectors of the national economy, particularly those where the strikes broke out: the extraction and transport of oil and gas."

So, dark satanic Machiavellian bourgeoisie, not only do you hide news of the uprisings of your class enemy, but you are also hide the crimes you yourself commit against him and all those you exploit, leaving only your own internecine activities available as images of distraction on the daily tv news. How cunning you are!