General strike in Spain: radical minorities call for independent workers’ action

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General strike in Spain: radical minorities call for independent workers’ action
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: General strike in Spain: radical minorities call for independent workers’ action. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

A comparison of these two

A comparison of these two leaflets is rewarding. Here's a personal response. The first, from the Alicante Critical Bloc wants to move beyond "inadequate forms of mobilization" and go from Indignation to Action. So how to do this? "We want to propose the creation of a participatory, critical, unitary space based on self-organization," so eating arrangements are discussed as are plans for some activity after nightfall. It struck Fred that this sounded a bit like arrangements for a Love-In as used to take place in the late 'sixties. "Be sure to wear a flower in your hair" etc. I'm sure the Critical Bloc means well, but what is "a participatory, critical, unitary space" and what is it's relationship to all-important working class self-organization? (Fred is harsh!)

The other leaflet has a crude brusqueness that is appealing and gets straight to the point. "For Capitalism we are nothing more than commodities" and "the ruling class has reminded us who is in charge." This of course via the Unions: "they command we obey." Their real function as Unions is "to absorb, divert, and subdue the real struggle of the working class." Why do they do this? Because they want "to stop it becoming a real danger to the system and it's ruling class."

So what are we workers to do? "We must organize our selves without intermediaries in assemblies and workers councils." Some might consider the call for councils a bit premature. But these guys know what they think and why they think it, and are, in any case, looking to the future, and "to the destruction of the capitalist system." Such clarity of thought, such insight into bourgeois ideology and the function of the Unions, coupled with such incisive writing, comes across with great strength and makes a forceful impression on the reader. This is the way forward.

Peter Pan
I agree with Fred. Way to go!

I agree with Fred. Way to go!

The Alicante Critical Bloc

The Alicante Critical Bloc said:

Participate in the assemblies, no one should decide for you!

NO ONE SHOULD DECIDE FOR YOU appears such a gentle sort of throwaway thing to say doesn't it? Because of course we're all such autonomous beings aren't we? Of course no one else ever decides for us! But how often in fact do we truly decide for ourselves? Don't we just go along with everyone else? That's easiest. Or don't we, as in bourgeois democracy, decide for ourselves who to choose; republican or democrats; left or right? But it's our decision, isn't it?

But, as workers, as the revolutionary class, having sufficient awareness and consciousness of the exploited position we find ourselves in is essential if we are to reach educated decisions about the way forward. And no, we don't want to be like the bourgeoisie, showing off our much vaunted precious and isolated individualisms, by making crackpot choices between issues dreamed up by the unions. Like: do we want to strike for a day next month or not? A typical sort of phony union question. Strike for what? And having given our employers a month's notice. Forget it!

The best way for us workers to decide what to do is discuss everything openly and honestly among ourselves - that way faulty thinking can be brought into the open and amended. If we agree to a group decision that has been thoroughly examined by us all,and if those who have a different view point have said it and it has been heard and discussed, then our decision is likely to be valid for that particular situation at that time. No voting on choices put forward by representatives of tbe bourgeoisie, but decisions taken openly by us. This way we can ensure our actions will be ours, not someone else's idea, and our actions will thus be independent workers' actions.