Working for nothing: A continuing attack on the unemployed

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Working for nothing: A continuing attack on the unemployed
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Working for nothing: A continuing attack on the unemployed. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
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questioning people's intentions

Working for nothing. Surely this is paradise for the bourgeoisie; their dream come true. What bliss to be alive. A totally submissive working class. Except there will be less people around with money enough to buy the goods. But in the meantime though let's get busy cutting their wages and benefits of which they have far too much. How about this.

"The Work Programme is one of the most notorious government schemes.... This includes 300,000 people in what’s known as the work-related activity group and includes people who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer but have more than six months to live; accident and stroke victims; and some people with mental health issues. Last June Tory MP Philip Davies said that people who were disabled or had mental health problems should be paid less than the minimum wage because they were, in his words “by definition” less productive than those without disabilities. There was outrage at the time..." The most surprising aspect of this must be that "there was outrage". I suppose it was some lefty. But what lessons can the working class learn from this? Well I suppose if your cancer is terminal make sure it terminates in under six months; if disabled, try and hide it; if afflicted with mental health problems - who isn't under dying capitalism?- pretend you were educated at a Public School and they'll probably let you orff.

But what about the MP Philip Davies? What are his intentions? Are they bad, or is he just doing his best for the economy and the world? After all, it's true, some folk are less productive than others. MPs for instance. I'm sure Mr Davies is convinced he acts for the betterment of all, not just for himself and his cronies. And if it was suggested that he, and others like him, were spreading misery and suffering, he would be scandalized and take you to court.

It all comes down to "intentions" I suppose. Doesn't everybody really "mean well" in their heart of hearts? Even leftists who want to try and salvage capitalism by misuse of Marxist terminology, and by playing at being leftier than thou? Even fascists
who want forcefully to implant some discipline on an unruly world, retain its capitalist nature, and conquer it for their own

In the end I see two differing kinds of intention around today. One is in the service of the capitalist economy and the very few people who think they benefit from it. And the other is for the benefit of humanity, and seeks to free it from it's capitalist
chains. Only the latter acts for the betterment of the world, and only this is worth fighting for. But you all knew this

Ah, yes working for nothing.

Ah, yes working for nothing. A little higher up the prestige ladder they call it the "unpaid internship," where you are basically expected to donate 1 to 2 years of your labour if you want to have any hopes of landing a "professional" job at some point in the future. Of course, this means that only those who already have money can afford to work.